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Dunnage Racks

Plastic dunnage racks and aluminum dunnage racks available here at Rapids Wholesale. We have dunnage racks from Cambro and our-very-own manufactured dunnage shelving from Rapids. Our dunnage racks are excellent for keeping food and beverage items above the ground and stored inside walk-in refrigerators/freezers or storerooms.
  1. Cambro 36" Dunnage Rack, Polypropylene


    1500 lb Capacity, 36"W x 21"D x 12"H, 26 lbs

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  2. Cambro 48" Dunnage Rack, Polypropylene


    3000 lb Capacity, 48"W x 21"D x 12"H, 34 lbs

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  3. Cambro 60" Dunnage Rack, Polypropylene


    3000 lb Capacity, 60"W x 21"D x 12"H, 40 lbs

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  4. 36" Gray Plastic Dunnage Rack Storage Shelf


    1200 lb Capacity, 36"W x 22"D x 12"H

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  5. 48" Polymer Dunnage Rack Shelf


    2000 lb Capacity, 48"W x 22"D x 12"H

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What Is a Dunnage Rack?

A dunnage rack is a low, durable rack made of either plastic or aluminum that is an excellent way to store food and beverages inside storerooms or walk-in refrigerators and freezers.

Because most health-and-safety codes mostly state that any food or beverage item should be kept in storage areas or walk-in refrigerators at least six inches above the ground, dunnage racks are a must for any restaurant, bar, or food-service establishment where wholesale goods are stored and kept for long-term use. Dunnage shelving ensures that your store's foodstuffs, beverages, and ingredients are kept fresh and clean at all times.

Aluminum dunnage racks and plastic dunnage racks are both durable and rust-free, so these two are the most-popular dunnage racks used by businessmen who own restaurants and food-service establishments. Dunnage shelving is mostly ideal for heavy items like crates of food or ingredients, drums and tubs of processed food, and sacks of flour or rice.

Because it is both difficult and hazardous to place heavy items on relatively high shelves, a dunnage shelf is an excellent and sanitary alternative to simply putting boxes or crates directly on the floor. A dunnage rack usually stands between six to twelve inches (but not more) and can handle up to a couple of thousand pounds of weight at one time, depending on the type of dunnage shelf you are using. One good thing to remember, though, is to instruct your staff to follow the proper way of lifting heavy weights—which is to make sure that they bend their knees, using their legs—instead of simply bending over to pick up a sack or crate for instance, which could result in painful and potentially life-threatening back injuries.

Advantages of Dunnage Racks

A big advantage of using a dunnage rack, aside from keeping food, beverages, and ingredients safe and sanitary inside walk-in refrigerators or storeroom, is that it also provides an additional storage area that allows you to store heavy and bulky items such as canned food and sacks of flour, sugar, rice, or corn kernels. Because of great-quality dunnage shelving, products can stay safely off the floor while taking up little space inside your walk-in cooler, freezer, refrigerator or inside your storeroom or kitchen.

Both aluminum dunnage racks and plastic dunnage racks make for easy rearranging and cleaning of the interior of your walk-in fridge and storeroom. These dunnage racks are also guaranteed durable and are a simple and cheap solution for storing your goods in dry and cool areas.

Dunnage Shelving Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

We at Rapids Wholesale have a large selection of dunnage racks from Cambro. You can also choose from a wide variety of aluminum dunnage racks and plastic dunnage racks manufactured by Rapids Wholesale.

Cambro was founded in 1951, and since then it has been producing top-of-the-line trays, plate covers, drinkware, dinnerware, serving bowls, food pans, food-storage containers, and racks for the food-service industry. Every product produced by Cambro is engineered to help food service operators increase sales, reduce labor and improve service. Cambro is committed to creating and providing the most durable and highest quality products for the food-service industry.

Looking for a Cambro dunnage rack for your business? We at Rapids Wholesale have dunnage racks ranging from thirty-six inches and forty-eight inches until sixty inches in width and length.

You can also choose from our very-own-manufactured dunnage racks that include both aluminum dunnage racks and plastic dunnage racks that range in price from 100 dollars to 200 dollars

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