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Keg Jackets & Blankets

Looking to keep your kegged beer cold for your next picnic or outdoor party? We at Rapids Wholesale have the perfect keg jackets and keg blankets that will help keep your beer insulated and chilled for hours. Keep your party guests happy with perfectly chilled draft beer, only through Rapids Wholesale's beer-cooling jackets.

Different Ways of Cooling Kegged Beer

There are many different ways to keep beer kegs cool during picnics or outdoor parties. The most common and the simplest way is by keeping beer kegs submerged in ice. There are several (and often ingenious) ways to do this: some use a large, clean garbage can filled with ice to cool their beer kegs; others dig a pit, fill it with ice, then place their beer keg there. The problem with this method is that the beer can only stay cold as long as the ice doesn't melt, so one needs to keep on adding ice, which can be extremely inconvenient. Another problem is that it can be a bit messy when the ice melts. To avoid this, some people use dry ice as an alternative to regular ice, but dry ice is not as easy to handle and can potentially freeze the beer instead of just chilling or cooling it.

Another option for cooling beer kegs is using kegerators. To put it simply, kegerators are refrigerators for beer kegs. The most common kegerators are designed to hold and accommodate single kegs of standard size, but there are others that can accommodate multiple kegs. Usually, these kegerators have temperature-control devices where you can adjust the coldness depending on your preference. A disadvantage of kegerators is that they are not portable, so this makes them less ideal for outdoor picnics and parties.

The best option for cooling beer kegs at outdoor functions is the use of keg jackets and keg blankets. Keg-cooling jackets are usually made of insulating material such as vinyl, canvas, or polypropylene. These beer blankets are designed to fit snugly around standard-sized beer kegs, so there is no need for any ice. A keg blanket or keg jacket also usually features a hole at the top to accommodate a beer pump.

How Do Beer-Cooler Jackets Work?

Keg cooler jackets are commonly made of insulating material such as  polypropylene or vinyl. These beer blankets work by preventing the warming up of a beer keg due to rising temperatures.   A good-quality polypropylene or vinyl keg jacket is designed to insulate and maintain the cold temperature of a beer keg by limiting exposure to higher temperatures. And, needless to say, keeping draft beer cold is important—not just because of the taste, but also because of the fact that temperature plays a big part in how foamy a beer can get after dispensing. In general, colder kegs mean draft beer with less foam. And good draft beer means happier party guests.

Yes, Keg-Cooling Jackets Are Cool—So Get One Now from Rapids Wholesale

Our keg jackets and blankets here at Rapids Wholesale are designed for 1/2 barrels. Choose from vinyl or canvas materials that will thoroughly insulate any beer keg and keep it cool for hours. All our keg cooler jackets are lightweight, easy to handle, and have sturdy stitching. They also come with center holes to accommodate picnic pumps (sold separately).

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