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Cutting Boards

Here at Rapids, you can choose from a wide range of restaurant cutting boards from some of the most reputable brands in the food-service market today: Browne, John Boos, San Jamar, and Vollrath.  

If you are looking for the best-quality restaurant cutting boards for your food-service establishment, then let Rapids Wholesale help you. Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from some of the widest varieties of professional cutting boards available online. Looking for San Jamar cutting boards? How about any of our John Boos butcher block tables?

What Makes a Restaurant Cutting Board Unique?

A restaurant cutting board is the commercial version of an ordinary household cutting board and is used in busy restaurant or food-service kitchens. Professional cutting boards are essential pieces of restaurant smallwares as they are where most of the cutting, slicing, chopping, and dicing action is done.

Restaurant cutting boards, of course, are utilized prevent any type of commercial cutlery from damaging the countertop, and vice versa. It can also help prevent cross-contamination of food with harmful germs and bacteria during food preparation.

Types of Professional Cutting Boards

A professional cutting board is typically constructed of either wood or plastic. Although there are dissenting opinions on which type of material is safer to use, it is undeniable that each type of cutting board has its own pros and cons. A wooden professional cutting board holds several advantages over a plastic restaurant cutting board, the first of which is the self-healing properties of wood, which means that shallow cuts inflicted on the wooden cutting board close up on their own, something that a plastic cutting board does not have. Add to this the natural antiseptic properties of wood, and it is no wonder that wooden professional cutting boards are some of the most popular types of cutting boards worldwide.

In addition, it is natural that hardwoods are some of the best material for use in making a wooden restaurant cutting board. One of the reasons for this is the tight grain and hardness inherent in hardwood, which tends to reduce the scoring surface of the cutting board that, in turn, reduces the cross-contamination of the board with potentially harmful germ-filled liquid and dirt into its surface. Some of the best hardwoods ideal for use in professional cutting boards include maple, oak, and teak. Nowadays, these are the most popular types of hardwoods that are made into restaurant cutting boards.

A plastic professional cutting board, on the other hand, even though it does not have the purported natural antiseptic properties of a wooden board, can easily be disinfected and cleaned through normal washing with warm water and soap. Plastic restaurant cutting boards can also be cleaned using harsher cleaning chemicals such as bleach and other disinfectants, something that cannot be done for wooden boards. Another plus of using a plastic professional cutting board is that it keeps the edge of a knife sharp. The same thing cannot be said for wooden professional cutting boards, however.

Restaurant Cutting Boards Available at Rapids Wholesale

If you are searching for a specific brand or material of restaurant cutting board for your food-service business, then Rapids Wholesale is the place for you. Looking for a San Jamar cutting board? How about a John Boos butcher block? Or perhaps we might interest you in some cutting board mats? Choose from all these and more here at Rapids.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from one of the largest selections of food service cutting boards available online. We carry restaurant cutting boards from some of the most reputable brands in the food-service market today: Browne, John Boos, San Jamar, and Vollrath.  

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