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Rapi-Kool Chillers

With a Rapi-Kool food paddle, you can avoid spoiling your leftover soups and stews. Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from 64-ounce and 128-ounce cooling paddles from one of the most-trusted brands in the market today, San Jamar.
  1. 128 oz Rapi-Kool Plus Cold Paddle for Quick Chilling


    The Rapi-Kool-« Plus Cold Paddle lets you quickly chill and stir hot liquids like stews, soups, and leftover stocks. Fill with water and let it freeze, or fill with ice cubes if you are short on time. 128 oz capacity.

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  2. Insta Chill™ Chiller Wand, 2 liter, 15-1/2"L x 4" diameter


    Insta Chill™ Chiller Wand, 2 liter, 15-1/2"L x 4" diameter, molded in drain hook, molded in fill line

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What Are Food Cooling Paddles?

A sure way to fight bacteria from contaminating foods is to minimize the food's time in what is called the temperature danger zone, which is around 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This is very achievable via efficient heating and cooling methods. For leftover foods, it is essential that they reach below 40 degrees Fahrenheit within four hours, or you risk spoilage.

An effective way to avoid risking spoilage is by using an ice paddle. Food cooling paddles work by cooling food inside out, which is an even more efficient cooling method. One of the most effective cooling paddles around is the San Jamar Rapi-Kool cooling paddle. The Rapi-Kool food paddle is specifically designed as a soup cooler or for cooling stews, broth, chili, and other liquid foods that are easy to stir.

How to Use the Rapi-Kool Food Paddle

It's easy to prepare and use the Rapi-Kool food paddle. First you will need to fill the paddle with with water and then place it in the freezer until needed. To use the cooling paddle, you will first need to transfer hot leftovers into a clean container to help cool the food rapidly. Then, immerse the cooling paddle completely in the food and stir for a few minutes. Make sure to stir slowly so you won't spill the soup or broth.

Then, after stirring the leftover food with the Rapi-Kool food paddle, you an now place the soup or stew inside the refrigerator (with the cooling paddle still inside) for continuous cooling. Every twenty minutes or so, you are encouraged to keep stirring the food because it facilitates rapid cooling. This is the reason why a food paddle is also known as a rapid cooling paddle.

Check the temperature of the food every so often with the use of a thermometer. When the food temperature reaches 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you may remove the Rapi-Kool paddle from the food and then transfer it to smaller containers.

You can now proceed to wash your Rapi-Kool food paddle. Simply wash, soap, and rinse the outside of the cooling paddle and then place it back inside the freezer. The water inside the paddle doesn't have to be emptied after every use.

Features of the Rapi-Kool Cooling Paddle

One of the most popular cooling paddles in use today, the Rapi-Kool food paddle is chock-full of features. Its hanging hook allows the paddle to be hung securely on a shelf or hook, thereby reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

The handle of the cooling paddle is also specifically designed to keep hands away from hot food to avoid not only cross-contamination but also burns. In addition the threaded cap of the food paddle features a gasket that creates a tight, leak-free seal, thus preventing the seeping out of water inside the food paddle into the left over food that you are cooling. All Rapi-Kool food paddles are also made of tough polycarbonate construction that ensures a long life and ease of cleaning. Also, cooling fins incorporated into the design of the cooling paddle provide 50 percent more cooling area for faster cooling.

The Rapi-Kool food paddle is also dishwasher safe and NSF certified.

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