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Fajita & Steak Platters

Looking for a steak platter or a fajita platter for your restaurant or food-service establishment? Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose your ideal cast iron sizzler platter perfect not only for Salisbury steaks and fajitas but also for other types of food items served hot and sizzling to customers.
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    Browne 10" Round Serving Underliner

    Browne 10" Round Serving Underliner

    Regular Price: $15.59

    Special Price: $9.80

    10" Round Liner

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  2. Oval Underliner for Sizzling Steak Platter

    Underliner for sizzling platter, oval, plastic, black

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  3. Fajita Server Set | Skillet & Underliner


    Fajita Server Set, 2-piece, 15-1/4"L x 8-1/16"W x 1-9/16"H, oval, includes: (1) cast iron skillet and (1) wooden under liner

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What Is a Steak Platter or Fajita Platter?

A steak platter or fajita platter is actually a cast iron sizzler platter that is used for serving steaks and fajitas or other sizzling dishes and food items. The cast iron sizzler platter gets its name from the sound that the meat makes when it sizzles from the kitchen up until it arrives all the way to the customer’s table.

Fajitas and some varieties of steak, particularly Salisbury steak, are often served to restaurant diners and customers in a cast iron platter. Needless to say, serving fajitas or steak in a cast iron sizzler platter makes for a more appetizing dish for your customers or guests. The distinctive aroma and sound of fajita meat or steak meat sizzling in a sizzling steak platter or in a fajita sizzle platter is guaranteed to attract the attention of hungry customers and can, in extension, potentially increase the number of visitors to your food-service establishment, whether it is a Tex-Mex restaurant or a steak house.

A Closer Look at a Cast Iron Sizzler Platter

A cast iron steak platter or a cast iron fajita platter should be used in tandem with a wooden serving underliner. This is very important because a smoking-hot cast iron platter is virtually impossible to handle by your food-service staff or crew without a wooden serving underliner. A wooden serving underliner also helps prevent your table, your diner, and your food server from being burned. A wooden serving underliner helps anyone carry and handle a hot cast iron platter without the additional need for mitts or pot holders.

A steak platter or a fajita platter is usually constructed of cast iron. Why? Because cast iron conducts and holds heat longer than most available metals, and the thickness of the cast iron sizzle platter helps keep the platter hot for longer periods. With a cast iron platter, cleaning and washing is also pretty convenient. You only need to wash off any food particles off the platter and clean with some soap while rubbing with a dish rag. A quick way to disinfect a cast iron platter and to kill any bacteria or potentially harmful pathogens is to place the wet and recently washed cast iron sizzle platter on top of an open burner and allow the heat to evaporate the water and to kill off any germs.

Get Your Cast Iron Platter Here at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from cast iron platter units and serving underliners from two of the most reputable brands in the food-service industry today, Browne and Rapids.

Get an oval or round steak platter or fajita platter as well as corresponding round and oval wooden underliners, depending on what you prefer and depending on what you require for your food-service establishment or restaurant.  

Sell the sizzle in your restaurant now with a Rapids Wholesale’s cast iron sizzle platter.

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