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Garnishing Tools

Add a touch of elegance to your plates or decorate your cocktails with the perfect garnish. Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can get the best garnishing tools to get the job done. Our food garnishing tools, which include a complete garnishing knife set, are perfect for fruit and vegetable garnishing. Decorating & Garnishing

Garnishing Tools

A garnish is typically an item or a substance that is used to decorate a prepared food or drink (like mocktails or cocktails). In most cases, a garnish not only helps beautify a certain dish or drink but it also adds flavor. With this said, some garnishes are solely used for aesthetic purposes while others are utilized for giving flavor alone. Some garnishes, on the other hand, can be used for both beautifying and adding flavor to a dish or beverage.

Some of the most common types of garnishes include fruits, herbs, vegetables, and the like. Herbs that are used for garnishing include parsley, mint, dill, chives, rosemary, and sage. Zests or peels of citrus fruits are also used to garnish a wide range of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. For this type of garnish, a dedicated citrus zester may be used.

A Look at Cocktail Garnishes

A wide variety of cocktail garnishes are used, so garnishing tools are also very useful in a bar setting. A lot of rum-based cocktails are often garnished with slices of fruit. Fruit garnishing tools are therefore very useful in a kitchen of any bar, pub, club, or tavern. On the other hand, tequila-based drinks are often garnished with zests so a garnishing knife or citrus zester is used. Gin- and vodka-based drinks lean toward garnishes that include olives, onions, citrus twists, or maybe even a single maraschino cherry. This is why, therefore, restaurant chains and hotel bars tend to utilize heavy-duty garnishing tools like garnishing knives.

Garnishing Knife Set Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, we offer you a complete set of garnishing knives that include a vegetable and fruit garnishing knife and peeler, a decorating knife, a butter curler, a channel knife, a melon baller, an apple corer, a lemon zester, and a nylon storage roll.

Each of these garnishing tools slips into its own sleeve in a nylon storage roll, colored black with red trim, which snaps securely shut for safety.

Manufactured by Victorinox, a company long trusted for their quality cutlery products, these food decorating tools feature durability and sharpness—qualities that a garnish tool set should have if they are to used in a busy restaurant or food-service kitchen where only the best equipment should be used.

In addition, our Victorinox garnishing knives feature high-carbon and no-stain-steel working ends as well as handles that are made of black slip-resistant nylon for comfort and hygiene. All tools in this garnish tools set are dishwasher safe but recommended to be washed by hand.

This garnishing knife set is perfect for use in any commercial kitchen, restaurant kitchen, or food-service kitchen where the goal is to serve their customers in line with the finer details of food preparation. In addition, this garnishing knife set is also an excellent gift for those who would want their creativity to reign in the kitchen.

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