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Waitress Stations & Hostess Stands

Looking for restaurant waiter stations or hostess stations for your food-service establishment? Here at Rapids Wholesale, we have the perfect waiter station or restaurant host station for your specific needs.
  1. 24" Waitress Station


    1 Dr, 24"W x 24-1/4"D x 43-1/2"H

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  2. 48" Waitress Station


    2 Dr, 48"W x 24-1/4"D x 43-1/5"H

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  3. You Save 28%!
    Oak Street M8810 Hostess Station for Restaurants

    Oak Street M8810 Hostess Station for Restaurants

    Regular Price: $138.00

    Special Price: $99.99

    24-1/5"W x 16-3/4"D x 46-1/4"H, 70 lbs

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  4. Update International Table Call Bell


    Nickel Plated Table Call Bell

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Restaurant Waiter Stations

Restaurant waiter stations or waitress stations are where various items that a waiter, waitress, bus buy, or food-server needs to do his or her job are stored and kept. A waiter generally needs equipment such as napkins, trays, condiments, guest checks, and probably even a computer terminal.

A waiter will shuttle to and from a waiter station to a customer’s table and back several times in the course of his shift. Restaurant server stations act as a waiter’s compact headquarters that also helps organize servers and keeps all supplies handy. They are also convenient for waiters and servers and helps hide away clutter.

Some restaurant server stations, especially those that are wide enough, can also double as dividers for your restaurant or food-service establishment.

Hostess Stations

While restaurant waiter stations serve as a place where your waiter, waitress, bus boy, or any member of your food-service staff, hostess stations are where your restaurant’s host, hostess, headwaiter, or maître d’ is stationed to greet customers and diners and check for reservations or, for those without prior reservations, ask any other member of the food-service staff to see if there are still available seats. Empty seats or chairs also usually accompany a restaurant host station, so that prospective diners and customers can sit comfortably while they wait to be seated inside the restaurant.

Hostess stations, because they are the first things your diners see when entering your establishment, should be attractive enough to be able to compliment your restaurant’s interior and exterior décor.

Essentially, much like restaurant waiter stations, majority of hostess stations are constructed of durable wood with attractive finishes in order to create a stylish and classy atmosphere even outside of your restaurant or food-service establishment.

Most restaurant waiter stations can also double as host or hostess stations.

Get Your Waiter Station or Restaurant Host Station at Rapids

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of restaurant server stations and host/hostess stations. Our very-own-manufactured restaurant waiter stations and hostess stations come in a variety of sizes and finishes. You only need to choose the waitress station or restaurant host station you prefer or one that will perfectly fit your restaurant or food-service establishment.

You can choose from one- or two-drawer restaurant waiter stations or restaurant server stations from twenty-four inches to forty-eight inches in size. We also have a table call bell with nickel-plated steel and heavy plastic base for use in either your restaurant server stations or hostess stations.  

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