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Bar Drip Tray Parts

One of the most important but often ignored accessories in a bar are drip trays for kegerators or beer drip trays. A bar drip tray helps bar owners avoid pesky spills and splashes on the countertop. But a good beer drip tray for bars, taverns, clubs, pubs, and any establishment that serves beer is also made up of components and parts. Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from an excellent selection of beer drip tray parts and components both from one of the most trusted brands in the food-service and beer-service industry today, American Beverage. Or you can also choose from our very-own manufactured beer drip tray accessories.

Get a Bar Drip Tray for Your Bar - Get Rid of Spills and Splashes

An excellent beer drip tray is essential for any commercial or home draft-beer system. A beer drip tray is used mostly in bars, taverns, pubs, and other establishments that serve draft beer in order to catch beer that drips from the beer faucet when the brew is poured out onto the customer's mug or glass.

A bar drip tray is commonly positioned under the beer spout to catch any drip or spill produced when pouring out beer. A draft beer drip tray is, essentially, used to help prevent inconvenient messes resulting from beer spillage as well as prevent time-consuming and inconvenient cleanup of spills.

Essential Parts of Bar Drip Pans

The aforementioned main functions of a beer drip tray for your draft-beer dispenser includes helping catch beer drops and splashes that fall from the dispenser's spout, which would make a mess in your bar countertop. However, there are also several parts that make up a draft beer drip tray.

Some beer drip trays hold the spilled beer until they are emptied out, while other bar drip trays—mostly utilized in commercial bars, taverns, clubs, and pubs—divert the spilled beer down into a drain or large reservoir.

For a beer drip tray with drain, you will need brass fittings, a brass drain assembly, replacement drain fittings, and a drain attachment

Most beer drip trays also have a built-in grill so your bartender, barmaid, or any member of your bar staff who pours and serves the beer can easily set the glasses or mugs down while avoiding the inconvenience of placing the glasses or mugs on top of spilt beer. Here at Rapids Wholesale, we have stainless-steel grills for bar drip trays ranging in price from $18.89, $27.39, $40.49, and $59.89.

Browse our selection of bar drip tray accessories from one of the most-trusted names in the food-service and beverage-service industry, American Beverage. You can also choose from our very-own manufactured beer drip tray accessories.

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