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Coffee & Espresso Makers

It's not enough to have the ideal coffee beans or tea leaves on hand if you don't have a good-quality commercial coffee brewer or tea brewer to prepare your concoction. Whether you are looking for a commercial coffee machine and commercial espresso maker for your restaurant or are looking for simple but efficient home coffee brewers and home tea brewers for your personal use, we at Rapids Wholesale have the best brewers for coffee, tea, and espresso and even iced tea brewers that will help you create your perfect cup or mug of your favorite brew.
  1. Grindmaster Shuttle Brewer, 1.5L

    Grindmaster Shuttle Brewer, 1.5L


    1.5 Gallon Brewer, 55 lbs

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  2. Grindmaster 1.5 Gal Shuttle


    1.5 Gallon Shuttle, 11 lbs

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  3. Grindmaster Dual Airpot Brewer

    Grindmaster Dual Airpot Brewer


    Dual Digital Brewer, 16-1/5"W x 17-4/5"D x 24"H, 55 lbs

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  4. Grindmaster Airpot For Dual Airpot Brewer


    2.2 Liter Lever Airpot, Sold individually.

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  5. Bloomfield Coffee Brewer For Airpot

    Bloomfield Coffee Brewer For Airpot


    Automatic, 10"W x 17"D x 25-1/2"H, 1800W, 30 lbs

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  6. Cecilware 3 Gal Iced Tea Brewer, Automatic

    Cecilware 3 Gal Iced Tea Brewer, Automatic


    Seamless stainless steel construction.

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  7. Grindmaster RC400 Commercial Single Cup Coffee Brewer

    Grindmaster RC400 Commercial Single Cup Coffee Brewer


    Great for commercial hospitality. 2.13 liter cold water reservoir. Pulse brew and pre-infusion optimized for coffee tea and cocoa. Touch screen controls, (6) beverage size options. Compatible for use with RealCup™ and K-Cup™ capsules. 1550 watts, 13 amps, 120V/60/1-ph, NSF.

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  8. Grindmaster-Cecilware Portable Pourover Single Coffee Brewer, One Warmer

    Regular Price: $222.00

    Special Price: $214.29

    Portable Coffee Brewer w/ One Warmer | Grindmaster-Cecilware CPO-1P-15A

    Portable Pourover Coffee Brewer with a single brewer for decanters (decanters sold separately).

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  9. Grindmaster-Cecilware Portable Pourover Single Coffee Brewer, Two Warmers

    Regular Price: $237.00

    Special Price: $228.79

    Portable Coffee Brewer w/ Two Warmers | Grindmaster-Cecilware CPO-2P-15A

    Portable Pourover Coffee Brewer with a single brewer for decanters (decanters sold separately) and two warmers.

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  10. Grindmaster-Cecilware Portable Pourover Single Coffee Brewer, Three Warmers

    Regular Price: $296.00

    Special Price: $285.69

    Portable Single Coffee Brewer w/ Three Warmers | Grindmaster-Cecilware CPO-3RP-15A

    Portable Pourover Coffee Brewer, with a single brewer for decanters (decanters sold separately), and 3 warmers.

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How Do Commercial Coffee Makers Work?

Generally, a coffee brewer has the same basic operational functions regardless of brand or model. When you dismantle a brewing pot, you will see a reservoir or holding chamber where the water is held, which is poured into the brewer at the beginning of the coffee-brewing cycle. Next, you will see a white rubber tubing that connects the reservoir base to the drip area and, at the bottom of the holding chamber, a small hole is present. Water is drawn into this hole, the water is heated and boiled, and once heated, it drips into the coffee grounds.

So in a nutshell, this is how coffee brewers work: water is heated and then eventually boiled, and this water drips over coffee grounds. The liquid is passed throughout and around the coffee grounds, which is mixed with the coffee oils in the grounds, then passes through a filter in the coffee brewer to prevent the solid grounds from mixing with the brew.

Most home coffee brewers are essentially a step above those percolating coffee brewers, which are, in turn, a step up from the simple stove-top boilers. Commercial coffee brewers, on the other hand, which are found in most restaurants, cafés, and coffee shops, use the same basic functions as home coffee brewing systems but are designed for higher capacity.

How does a Commercial Tea Brewer Work?

Tea has been available as a drink for many centuries, but it was only until the past few years that automated tea brewers have been available for tea drinkers worldwide. Needless to say, the invention of these tea-brewing equipment has made it a lot easier for tea lovers to enjoy a cup of their favorite tea quickly and more conveniently.

So how do these tea-brewing systems work? A tea brewer essentially works similarly to to a coffee brewer in that both work by heating and then boiling water and then infusing the water with ground coffee beans in the case of a coffee brewer and tea leaves in the case of tea brewers. Most automated tea-brewing equipment start working when water is poured into them and the tea is added. These tea brewers then effectively shut down as soon as the tea is done steeping.

Commercial Coffee Machines & Espresso Machines Available at Rapids Wholesale

At Rapids Wholesale we offer a wide selection of coffee, espresso, and tea brewers from some of the most trusted brands in the market today: Focus, Grindmaster, Waring, Cecilware, and Wells Bloomfield. You can also choose from Rapids-manufactured coffee brewers, depending on what you require for your restaurant, café, or any other establishment.

Here are some of the coffee brewing machines and tea brewers available here at Rapids:

Focus Foodservice specializes in providing top quality beverage and food-preparation products and  has offered best-in-class products since 1945. Our Focus coffee-brewing machines and coffee brewers are portable, feature a large capacity, and help brew coffee to its perfect flavor and helps hold the brew at the ideal serving temperature. For durability, they are also constructed of stainless steel and use heat-resistant black handles for easy handling.

Waring is one of the leading manufacturers of professional-quality appliances for the home and food-service and laboratory industries. Waring has seventy-five years of manufacturing expertise under its belt and manufactures heavy-duty appliances for both the consumer and food-service market. Our Waring coffee brewer features a dual heater system that prevents scorching and is made of stainless steel interior and exterior. It can brew approximately fifty-five cups of coffee in thirty minutes or less.

Wells Bloomfield has over seventy-eight years' experience providing quality commercial-beverage systems. We at Rapids feature automatic airpot and pour-over coffee brewers that provide quick service and are easy to clean, made of durable stainless-steel construction.   

We also offer ice tea brewers from Cecilware, which are all made of durable stainless steel and includes a dispenser with a no-drip faucet for easy serving. 

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