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Wine Service / Wine Buckets & Coolers

Serve wine with flair at your bar, pub, tavern, or restaurant. Our elegant wine stands and wine ice buckets here at Rapids Wholesale are sure to greatly enhance your customer's dining and wining experience. Wine Service
  1. Vollrath Stainless Steel Wine Bucket


    Wine Bucket w/Handles, Stainless Steel, 8-14"Dia x 7-3/4"H

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  2. Vacu Vin Wine Bottle Stopper Set


    Vacu Vin Wine Saver Set, includes pump with (1) rubber stopper, white. This item is not for sparkling wines.

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  3. Wine & Champagne Bottle Sealer


    Champagne/Wine Bottle Sealer, stainless steel

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  4. Clear Acrylic Insulated Wine Cooler Bottle Chiller


    Wine Cooler, Acrylic, 4-1/2"Dia x 9-1/4"H

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  5. Vacu Vin Wine Saver White Vacuum Preservation Pump


    White Vacu Vin Wine Saver. Meant to be used with Rubber Wine Stoppers, sold separately.

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  6. Wine Saver Corks - Grey Rubber Wine Stoppers (2-Pack)


    Grey Replacement Wine Corks (pk of 2)

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  7. Large Oval Stainless Steel Party Ice Tub for Drinks


    An oval stainless steel ice tub also perfect for use as a party ice tub for business or personal use. This is a very affordable large ice tub for business or personal use.

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  8. Double Wall Insulated Wine Cooler Chiller Bucket


    Double Wall Wine Cooler, Stainless Steel, 4-1/2"Dia x 8-3/4"H

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  9. Wine Bucket Stand


    Chrome Plated wine bucket stand, 29.4"H, 4 lbs

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  10. Stainless Steel Wine & Champagne Chiller Bucket, 8 Quart


    Wine Bucket, Stainless Steel, 8-7/8" x 10-7/8", 2 lbs

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The Proper Way of Chilling Wine Using a Wine Bucket

One of the best ways of chilling a bottle of wine is by using a wine bucket cooler. So how do you properly use a wine ice bucket to produce that perfectly chilled bottle of wine? A wine cooler or wine chiller helps chill or cool bottles of wine with the help of ice. You will want to fill the wine cooler bucket to about three-fourths full of ice with a bit of water mixed in. Place the wine bottle inside the cooler with ice, allowing the bottle to rest inside the wine bucket for approximately thirty minutes.

Wine or champagne can also be chilled inside a refrigerator as opposed to using a wine bucket or champagne bucket, but unlike using a wine cooler, the bottled wine will take substantially longer to chill. Cooling a bottle of wine inside a refrigerator usually takes approximately three hours to properly chill to the ideal temperature for serving.

Also, you might want to keep in mind that unlike wine and wine buckets, which go together perfectly well, wine and refrigerators do not work as well together. There is a big danger of overcooling or overchilling the wine in the fridge, which will most certainly affect its taste. Using an ice wine bucket in your bar, tavern, pub or restaurant is still the perfect way of serving your wine at its best.

The Perfect Wine Stands to Add Flair and Character to Your Establishment

Customers who frequent your restaurant or bar for a good meal or a nice bottle of your best wine or champagne don't just drop by for the eats and drinks. In fact, they are also looking for a great place to relax, unwind, and enjoy a unique place for its ambiance and atmosphere. With this in mind, its therefore important for you to serve your wine or champagne with flair and style.

Serving your wine or champagne in wine bottle chillers and champagne buckets is great for your bar, tavern, or restaurant as it adds character to your establishment, so why not go further and use the perfect champagne stands and wine bottle stands too? Stylish wine bucket stands and champagne stands will make the perfect addition to your bar and are even great space savers if you don't have a lot of space for large tables or large bars. You can effectively and conveniently set a wine bucket with stand next to a chair or stool inside your bar, and your customers are ready to enjoy the perfect wining and dining experience.

Wine Buckets and Wine Stands Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

We at Rapids Wholesale offer our very own manufactured wine and champagne cooler buckets as well as wine stands and champagne stands. We also have a selection of wine buckets and stands from Vollrath, a trusted manufacturer of stainless-steel and aluminum parts and products for the food-service industry.

Our very own manufactured ice buckets for wine include a standard-style double-wall wine cooler, which is effectively a stainless-steel wine bucket that features a double-wall design that provides additional cooling power, with a mirror finish that adds elegance to any establishment's setting. This is can be ideally used as a perfect combination with our chrome-plated wine bucket stands for the perfectly served and ideally chilled bottle of wine or champagne. We also offer oval and round ice tubs perfect for tabletop serving and presentation of beer or wine.

Our Vollrath-manufactured wine ice buckets come in stainless steel, and we also have a beehive-style double-wall wine cooler that can be used as a champagne bucket that can keep wine or champagne cool for up to four hours, even without ice. In addition, the Vollrath wine bucket stand is the perfect compliment to these wine ice buckets.

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