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Beer Shanks

Finding the right beer shank is important to complete any beer delivery system. We at Rapids Wholesale give you a wide selection of beer shanks ranging from nipple shanks to complete beer shank assembly and even beer shank parts, all at the best prices. Get connected now with Rapids Wholesale's beer shanks.
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Beer Shanks

A Look at Beer Shanks

A beer shank is a hollow tube that helps connect the beer line and the faucet. It may be a small and inconspicuous piece of equipment, but it is still, nonetheless, one of the most important parts of any draft beer system.

Any beer shank assembly will differ depending on the beer system involved, but the functions remain basically the same. The main functions of beer shanks are the following: to provide a place to attach the beer line, to provide a means to attach the assembly to either a draft tower or other vertical surface (for example a refrigerator door), to provide an attachment point for the faucet using a faucet coupling, to provides a channel for the beer to flow through on its way to the glass or mug, and to provide a conductive mass to help maintain the cold temperature of the beer while it is in the shank.

Types of Beer Shanks

Typically, there are three types of beer shanks: straight beer shanks, nipple beer shanks, and bent-tube beer shanks. First, the straight shank: this is the type of shank most often used on refrigerator conversions and assemblies through cooler walls. These kinds of shanks are usually of various lengths to help accommodate variations in thicknesses and depths of different walls or doors. Second, the nipple shank: this is most commonly used in kegerators. A hose barb (also referred to as a nipple, hence the name) is included in the shank assembly to help attach both the beer line and the clamp. Certain nipple shanks have removable nipples while in others they are permanently attached. Lastly, the bent-tube shank: this shank is similar to a nipple shank with a slight variation in that it has a ninety-degree bend to help accommodate the beer line while, at the same time, helping to prevent crimping.

Looking for the Perfect Beer Shank? Let Rapids Wholesale Help You

As you can see, a  beer shank is one of the most important—if not the most important—parts of a beer-dispensing system. To put it simply: no beer shank, no draft beer for your customers. So let Rapids Wholesale help you. Find the right shank that will perfectly fit your beer system today. Choose from a wide range of beer shanks and beer shank parts from some of the most-trusted manufacturers, American Beverage and Chill Passion. All available at competitive prices here at Rapids Wholesale.

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