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Inventory Control

Control over your liquor usage means more profits for your bar, pub, or tavern. With Rapids Wholesale's liquor control systems, you can stay on top of your stock and inventory. Cut waste, spillage, and unnecessary overpouring of your liquor. Inventory Control
  1. Liq-trol Dispenser - Liquor Inventory Control


    Liq-Trol dispenser that+óGé¼Gäós very easy and convenient to use by any member of your bar staff. An effective liquor inventory control that prevents wasteful overpouring of liquor.

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Reduce Unnecessary Liquor Loss with a Bar Inventory Control

A liquor inventory control dispenser, much like liquor pourers, shotglasses, and speed rails and steps, is an indispensable tool for every bar, tavern, and restaurant. The Liq-Trol liquor control system dispenser helps protect your bar's operational profits by preventing the unnecessary and wasteful overpouring of drinks by your bartender or barmaid.

The Liq-Trol liquor control system dispenser portions every shot of liquor, the amount of which can even be determined by the bar owner or any bar management. You can track the number of shots dispensed at any given time, thus helping minimize wasted inventory.

How to Use the Liq-Trol Liquor Control System Dispenser

The Liq-Trol liquor inventory control system available here at Rapids is engineered to meet the highest standards. Liq-Trol has ensured that this liquor inventory system is of the finest quality and will help you maximize your bar's profits by reducing unnecessary liquor loss.

This beverage control system is readily adaptable to any bottle. The dispenser's flexible rubber collar at its base features a screw-type threading that makes for easy application to any bottle that also has a threading at its mouth. For bottles without threading, the dispenser's adapter can just be easily stretched over the bottle's lip, ensuring a snug fit.

For pouring, the easiest way is by making the bottle stand upright with the liquor control system dispenser's trigger facing away. When picking up the bottle, one finger should be placed around the trigger, with the thumb securing a grip on the dispenser. The trigger should then be depressed slowly, with the bottle tipped at a 45-degree angle toward the glass. When the trigger is depressed and released, a shot is poured. More than one shot can be dispensed in rapid succession with every successive press of the liquor inventory control's trigger.

This bar inventory control dispenser can also be easily removed from the bottle it's attached to. A quick counterclockwise twist will do the job quickly and efficiently.

A Liquor Inventory Control System with Easy Cleaning 

Another advantage of this beverage inventory control system is that it makes for easy, hassle-free cleaning. Just remove the dispenser from the bottle, unscrew, and simply dip each liquor inventory control dispenser daily in warm water and swish for a few times until clean.

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