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Glass & Plate Chillers

With Rapids Wholesale's plate coolers and glass chillers, you can serve chilled beer and other beverages like cocktails as well as cool and fresh appetizers and salads in perfectly frosted glasses and chilled plates. Our glass frosters and plate chillers are manufactured by Beverage Air, Perlick, and True, three of the most-trusted brands in commercial refrigeration. Glass and Plate Chillers
  1. True T-36-GC Solid Slide Lid Commercial Chiller


    A True glass chiller with 1 solid slide lid that is made from the best quality materials. The factory balanced refrigeration system holds temperatures at 0 degrees F. 36-3/4"W x 27-5/8"D x 33-3/8"H, 245 lbs

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  2. Perlick Glass Froster, 1 Lid, 24" Wide


    Black Vinyl, 1 Lid, 24"W x 24"D x 34-1/4"H, 3.75 CuFt, 190 lbs

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  3. Perlick Glass Froster, 2 Lids, 48" Wide


    Stainless Steel, 2 Lids, 48"W x 24"D x 34-1/4"H, 11.68 CuFt, 265 lbs

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  4. Perlick Glass Froster, 2 Lids, 48" Wide


    Black Vinyl, 2 Lids, 48"W x 24"D x 34-1/4"H, 11.68 CuFt, 265 lbs

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  5. Perlick Glass Froster, 2 Lids, 36" Wide


    Stainless Steel, 2 Lids, 36"W x 24"D x 34-1/4"H, 7.83 CuFt, 245 lbs

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  6. Perlick FR24 Stainless Steel Glass Chiller


    An all stainless steel bar glass froster from Perlick that is built to last. A push button defrost will ensure that the glasses are chilled to perfection without ice build up. 24"W x 24"D x 34-1/4"H, 190 lbs

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  7. True Glass Chiller/Plate Froster, 2 Lids


    Black Vinyl, 2 Lids, 50"W x 27-5/8"D x 33-3/8"H, 295 lbs

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  8. Beverage Air Glass Chiller/Plate Froster, 2 Lids


    Black Vinyl, 2 Lids, 48"W x 26"D x 33-5/8"H, 9.6 CuFt, 276 lbs

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  9. Beverage Air Glass Chiller/Plate Froster, 1 Lid


    Black Vinyl, 1 Lid, 24"W x 26"D x 33-5/8"H, 4.4 CuFt, 183 lbs

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  10. Beverage Air GF34LHC-B Commercial Glass Froster


    This glass chiller is designed with a shallow well to make the access to the interior base easily reached. Coupled with an easy slide lid and an edge around the counter top, this glass chiller will make working worth it effortless. 34"W x 26"D x 33-5/8"H, 227 lbs

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What Are Plate Coolers and Glass Chillers?

Glass chillers are actually specialized refrigerators that are specifically designed to chill or frost your bar's glasses. Every bar or restaurant owner should consider investing in a commercial glass froster. If you want glasses that are chilled for a longer period and have an even layer of frost, you should invest in an excellent-quality glass chiller. And while the perfectly chilled glasses or mugs can be achieved by slowly chilling your bar's glassware in a glass or mug chiller, you can actually get an instant glass froster or an instant glass chiller for faster chilling of glasses or mugs.

Plate chillers, on the other hand, are similar to glass chillers but instead of glasses, they chill and cool—as their name suggests—plates for salads or for other appetizers.

Another advantage of using a bar glass chiller or plate cooler specifically used to chill glasses or cool salad and appetizer plates is that you avoid the hassles of using an ordinary freezer or refrigerator, the contents of which (food, ingredients, bottles) can compete with the glassware and plates that you are chilling.

Different Ways of Chilling Glasses for Your Bar

There are several ways of chilling your mug's glassware: you can use glass chillers or glass frosters, or you can also opt for an ice bucket or the quick-chill method.

A fast method to frost mugs or glasses for your bar, if you don't have the option of using a glass chiller, is by utilizing a method that is known as the quick-chill. What you do is you pour some ice into the mug or glass, swirl around the ice, and allow the ice-filled container to cool. Then when the glass is already chilled, you can proceed to pour out the ice, fill the glassware with the beverage, and then serve the drink.

A simple ice bucket to chill your bar's glassware can also work in lieu of a glass froster. What you do is you pour an ice bucket with ice and place the glassware down into the bucket with ice and leave it submerged in the ice for a few minutes or so.

However, perhaps the most convenient way to chill your glassware is by using a glass chiller for bar. Bar glass frosters are especially designed to cool cocktail glasses or mugs of beer faster and more conveniently. Bar and tavern owners usually prefer this method because bar glasses or beer mugs that are chilled and frosted using a wine glass chiller or a beer glass chiller usually stay colder compared to other quick-chilling methods. And it is easy to use a mug chiller: place the glasses in the glass chiller for several hours until it is completely chilled, take the cooled beer mugs and bar glasses, and then you are ready to serve your customers the perfectly chilled beer, cocktail, or liquor.

Serving Salads Using a Chilled or Cooled Plate

If you serve salads in your restaurant or bar, then you would benefit immensely from a plate cooler. Salads are best served chilled, and to keep the vegetables fresher even after you serve them to your customers, it is best to use chilled salad plates for serving to keep the salad cool.

You can actually chill your salad plate without the use of a plate chiller. A simple freezer or refrigerator can be used to chill or cool plates that are specifically used to serve salads. However, one disadvantage of using an ordinary fridge or freezer for chilling or cooling your salad plates is that you run the risk of using premium space reserved for beverages, food, and other ingredients.

It is therefore more convenient to use plate coolers and plate chillers to specifically cool or chill your salad or appetizer plates.

Glass Frosters and Plate Chillers Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

You can choose from a wide selection of glass chillers and plate coolers here at Rapids Wholesale, manufactured by two of the most-trusted brands in refrigeration, Beverage Air, Perlick, and True.

Our plate chillers and glass frosters come in either one or two lids. You can also choose your unit depending on cabinet width (thirty-six inches, up to forty-eight inches, and up to sixty inches), or you can also select the type of exterior finish you prefer (black vinyl or stainless steel

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