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Keg Storage & Transport

Move and store heavy beer kegs safely and efficiently. We at Rapids Wholesale have great-quality and competitively priced beer hand trucks, stacking rings, bumpers, keg storage racks, and other keg handling equipment that can help you handle, move, and store your beer kegs safely and effectively. Keg Transport And Storage

The Importance of Proper Keg Moving and Keg Storage

A beer keg can weigh as much as 156 pounds, and this heavy weight is one of the reasons why kegs should be properly and safely stored, stacked, and moved. Beer kegs that are improperly stored, moved, or stacked can—at the very least—affect the quality, taste, and even texture of the beer. When they are improperly stored, kegs of draft beer can turn warm or foamy very quickly and can, believe it or not, become difficult to pour in just a few hours. What's more, kegs that have not been properly stacked, moved, or stored can take a day or more to achieve proper serving quality. But more than this, at the very most, beer kegs that have been improperly stored, moved, or stacked can be extremely dangerous. They can potentially cause serious injury, or even worse.

It is therefore important to properly move, store, and stack your beer kegs to avoid accidents and serious injury and to avoid damaging your product. That is why using good-quality keg racks, keg stackers, keg dollies, beer keg hand trucks, and similar equipment is of the essence.

Get the Perfect Keg Storage and Keg Moving Equipment from Rapids Wholesale

With Rapids Wholesale's keg storage and transport equipment, you can effectively and safely move your beer kegs and make most of the space in your beer cooler or beer storage area. Our Keg storage and transport equipment helps you safely move and store kegs in order to reduce the chances of injury or damaging your product.

All the keg moving equipment from Rapids Wholesale are constructed from heavy-duty materials, and they are unbelievably durable and strong enough to withstand tough commercial environments and the rigors of transporting and moving beer kegs. Our various keg storage and transport equipment include beer keg hand trucks, keg storage racks for keg shelving, stacking rings, keg dollies, hand carts, and aluminum and plastic curb ramps.

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