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True Refrigerator Parts

We at Rapids Wholesale have a wide range of refrigerator accessories to choose from. Manufactured by True, all our refrigeration accessories will help you complete your restaurant kitchen's refrigeration setup. Our fridge accessories include the following: sneeze guards, overshelves, crumb catchers, tray insert racks, prep table drawers, undercounter drawer pans, and other similar equipment.
  1. True Extra Shelf with Clips for True GDM Merchandisers


    Extra shelving for True GDM Merchandisers, clips are included. Price may vary based on the GDM model provided.

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  2. True Ratchet Lock For True Gdm's


    This organizer is more durable than other designs with one-piece shelf construction.

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  3. True Installed Barrel Lock


    True Barrel Lock Kit - for 1-door merchandisers.

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  4. True Cap Catcher & Bottle Opener


    Black Vinyl Cap Catcher/Bottle Opener

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  5. True Full Size Food Pan For Cooler & Prep Table Drawers


    Translucent full size food pan for True kitchen prep tables and cooling units with drawers.

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  6. True Drawer Pan for TSSU, TUC & TWT Coolers (18" x 12")


    Translucent food pans for True pizza and sandwich prep units with drawers.

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  7. New Age Tray Insert Racks For Reach-ins


    Free standing rack works with most all reach-ins, please allow 1" clearance on all sides.

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  8. True Crumb Catcher for TSSU-48 Sandwich Prep Tables


    Crumb Catcher for use with any 48" Wide True TSSU-48 2-Door refrigerated sandwich prep station units.

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Kitchen Refrigeration Accessories

Fridge accessories help complete your kitchen-refrigeration setup. Kitchen refrigeration accessories include, among others, sneeze guards, overshelves, crumb catchers, tray insert racks, prep table drawers, undercounter drawer pans, and other similar equipment. These refrigerator accessories effectively complete the perfect refrigeration setup for your restaurant, deli, and any other food-service establishment. Complete your kitchen's refrigerator setup now or get the perfect replacement with Rapids Wholesale's wide selection of refrigerator accessories. 

Kinds of Refrigeration Accessories

Sneeze Guards

A sneeze guard is  one of the most important parts of a refrigerated preparation table. Food that is prepared in a prep table is, more often than not, exposed, which is why sneeze guards are a great and indispensable addition. A sneeze guard helps keep bacteria and germs from contaminating not only the food but also the food-preparation utensils. Usually constructed of plastic or acrylic, sneeze guards are usually a simple pane or roof that is attached to a frame and then mounted on a table. The clear pane of the sneeze guard helps food preparers from unwittingly spreading diseases, germs, bacteria, and viruses by sneezing or coughing over the food being prepared. It helps keep food away from possible contamination.


An overshelf is an excellent addition for your salad and sandwich prep units. It's a perfect way to maximize space in your sandwich and salad prep unit's countertop. Overshelves can hold sauces, small ingredients, and condiments while your food preparers assemble that perfect sandwich or salad for your restaurant's customers or patrons. An overshelf that will make your kitchen staff's job much easier can help streamline your restaurant's food-preparing process.

Crumb Catchers and Cutting Boards

A crumb catcher helps prevent food particles from going over the sides of your salad and sandwich prep units, thereby helping keep your kitchen clean and free from crumbs and food stuffs that can potentially attract pests like cockroaches and rats. A cutting board can also be used in tandem with a crumb catcher to enhance the function and production of your sandwich and salad prep units.

Tray Insert Racks

A tray insert rack is a piece of refrigeration accessory that is specifically used for a reach-in refrigerator. These racks are excellent for storing sheet pans in reach-in refrigerators and freezers. Most freestanding racks work with most reach-in freezers and refrigerators.

Fridge Accessories Available at Rapids Wholesale

All our refrigeration accessories are manufactured by True, one of the world leaders in refrigeration products, which aims to provide a wide-range of American-made refrigeration products worldwide, which exceed quality and performance standards.

Choose from sneeze guards, overshelves, crumb catchers, cutting boards, tray insert racks, prep table drawers, undercounter drawer pans, and lid locks, depending on the refrigeration accessories you require for your food-preparation table. 

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