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Steam Table Pans

Looking for steam table pans for your buffet or banquet business? Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of steam pans from reputable brands that include APW/Wyott, Browne, Cambro, and Vollrath. You can also choose from a wide variety of our very-own-manufactured stainless steel steam table pans. Steam Pans

Steam Table Pans

A steam pan is a must-have for every restaurant or food-service establishment, particularly one that specializes in buffets and banquets. Curiously, though, steam pans tend to be some of the most underappreciated pieces of equipment in buffet restaurants, which shouldn't be the case. Steam table pans are actually versatile pieces of restaurant equipment that are used to hold food or liquid in refrigerated prep tables, steam tables, chafing dishes, and more.

Stainless steel steam pans are the most preferred types of steam pans because they are durable and heavy duty.

Types of Steam Pans and Different Steam Table Pan Sizes

Before going out to purchase a steam table pan, it is a good idea to determine first what will suit your food-service business or restaurant better. This may include determining the steam table pan dimensions. The proper configuration of restaurant steam table will go a long way in ensuring that your buffet business is running smoothly.

A full size steam table pan, sometimes also known as a hotel pan, is usually the base unit of measurement for these types of pans. A full size steam table pan is usually around twenty inches by twelve inches and any size below that is usually already considered a variant on that dimension. For instance, for perspective, there are pans that are sixth the size of a full size steam table pan, so six pans of this size is going to be equal the size of a full size steam table pan.

Smaller steam table pans are great for use when stocking food bars, both hot and cold. They are also more versatile because they can be used in preparation tables for holding chopped vegetables like tomatoes and onions and even for holding sliced or grated cheese.

A larger steam pan, on the other hand, typically fits in most rectangular chafing dishes, however, compared to the smaller pans.

It is quite a challenge to clean a steam table pan, especially one that has seen a lot of mileage, particularly the bottom part of the pan because the bottom is the portion that gets most of the heat. This results in food getting hard or caked and stuck at the bottom of your steam pan. The key is to wash the pan right away after every use to minimize the hardening and caking of food at the bottom.   

This is the reason why a lot of food-service business use pan liners for their pans, regardless of whether they are stainless steel food pans or aluminum steam pans. This also minimizes clean-up and washing because when a liner is used after the end of a long business day, all your food-service staff needs to do is to pull out the steam table pan, dump out any leftover food into a container, pull out the liner, rinse the pan lightly, and then store it for the next use.

Restaurant Equipment Steam Table Pans at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can select from a large variety of steam table pans and accessories that include  APW/Wyott, Browne, Cambro, Vollrath, and Rapids. Here are just some of the steam pans you can choose from: false bottom and full-size steam table, half-size steam table, solid covers, slotted covers, and more.

We also have transparent size storage pans that are 1/2, 1/3, and 1/6,size as well as aluminum and stainless-steel spillage pans.

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