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Wet Floor Signs

Make sure you warn your customers and diners of slipping hazards especially after your restaurant has been mopped clean. Our brightly colored wet floor signs manufactured here at Rapids Wholesale are sure to get the job done.

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What Are Wet Floor Signs?

Floors and restrooms need to be mopped and cleaned regularly to maintain cleanliness in your restaurant or food-service establishment. But one of the biggest hazards connected with wet floors are slipping hazards. Needless to say, safety of both the customer and food-service crew should always be the biggest priority in any food-service business. And wet floors caused by mopping or cleaning and even accidentally spilled drinks or other liquids are very hazardous.

Accidents brought about by slipping due to a wet or slippery floor can easily be avoided with the use of caution wet floor signs. A wet floor sign is most effective if it is both highly reflective and brightly colored, so it could easily be recognized by your diners or food-service crew. In other words, in simpler terms, wet floor warning signs are—as their name implies—used to warn people about wet floors in order to prevent those people from slipping and falling and injuring themselves.

Why Are Wet Floor Warning Signs Important?

If by some unfortunate circumstance any of your customers or diners slip and injure themselves due to a wet and slippery floor in your restaurant or food-service establishment, you can be sued for negligence. In many countries around the world, if an injury results from slipping on a wet floor, the business owner of the food-service establishment may possibly be found liable for compensatory damages.

Therefore, placing a caution wet floor sign in parts of your restaurant or food-service establishment, even if there is a small chance of anyone slipping, makes a lot of sense and can show reasonable care on the part of the business owner in warning people that there is a danger of slipping due to a wet floor.

Not only can a wet floor caution sign help warn your customers and diners about a wet or slippery floor, but it can also help warn them that there is a possibility of unstable footing in a portion of the floor of your establishment, which could cause slipping and potential injury.

An important tip on where to place wet floor warning signs: place your wet floor sign on every point of entry in your restaurant or food-service establishment. That way, customers and diners can immediately see the wet floor signs from a distance and can immediately take extra care before they even reach the area that is slippery or wet. It is also a good idea to get bilingual wet floor signs as well as those signs that feature a visual warning, as well as colorful and bright signs so they can be readily seen. An orange or yellow wet floor sign is a popular color of wet floor sign.

Caution Wet Floor Signs Available Here at Rapids Wholesale 

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a selection of pop up wet floor signs that feature English and Spanish lettering. You can choose from cheap wet floor signs ranging from $14.89 to $24.69.

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