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Restaurant Exhaust Fans

Improve the quality of indoor air in your restaurant or food-service establishment’s kitchen with a restaurant exhaust fan. Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can get a quality industrial exhaust fan from one of the most trusted brands in the industry today, EconAir.
  1. Econ-Air Centrifugal Upblast Belt Drive Exhaust Fan (3000-4200 CFM)


    econ-Air EABDU exhaust fan. Heavy duty construction. 3000-4200 CFM Air volume.

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A Closer Look at the Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan

A commercial kitchen exhaust fan is a type of mechanical ventilation equipment that works by drawing out impure and stale air from your kitchen while, in turn, bringing in fresh air indoors. Needless to say, this greatly improves the quality of indoor air in your restaurant’s commercial kitchen. Because your food-service establishment’s kitchen is a busy place where your food-service staff or crew cooks and prepares food via cooking, frying, and boiling, it is no surprise that a lot of smoke and odors are produced. Get rid of smoke and odor with a quality commercial kitchen fan.

A restaurant exhaust fan, usually, a kitchen hood exhaust fan, is typically installed to be ducted to the exteriors of your food-service establishment’s kitchen. In this setup, foul and unclean indoor air is effectively removed from your commercial kitchen. It goes without saying that your food-service staff and crew can and will be able to work more effectively if their food-prep and cooking area is free of excessive odors and smoke and there is proper commercial kitchen ventilation. Another advantage of a commercial kitchen exhaust fan like a commercial hood fan is that it can not only get rid of smoke and unwanted odors but also both visible and invisible particles that can be produced by the cooking of greasy foods or by boiling.

The Importance of Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

The commercial kitchen is the part of your restaurant or food-service establishment that your cooking or food-prep crew calls their office. It is therefore important to provide ample commercial kitchen ventilation to your staff as they go about their daily tasks. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough that a commercial kitchen exhaust fan should be installed and utilized in your cooking and food-prep areas to provide the proper commercial kitchen ventilation. It goes without saying that without the proper commercial kitchen ventilation, your staff or crew runs the risk of getting sick because of potentially harmful contaminants produced inside a commercial kitchen.

In particular, contaminants, pollutants, and other potentially harmful pathogens can be produced in stale indoor air that is they byproduct of boiling, cooking, and frying. Without proper ventilation, potential pollutants coupled with an increase in moisture levels will decrease the quality of indoor air in your food-prep areas, which can possibly lead to a host of health problems for your crew. All these can simply be avoided by using a quality exhaust fan for restaurant use.

Get Your Restaurant Exhaust Fan Here at Rapids Wholesale

Why not improve the quality of indoor air in your restaurant or food-service establishment’s kitchen with a restaurant exhaust fan? Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide array of quality industrial exhaust fan units from one of the most reputable brands in the food-service industry today, EconAir.

You can choose the commercial kitchen exhaust fan you prefer, depending on the CFM of the units. CFM, which stands for “cubic feet per minute,” is the amount of air that a fan moves. Please note that CFM is one of the most important factors to put into consideration before purchasing a commercial kitchen fan so that you are guaranteed of a safe, correct, and effective operation and performance. Simply put, the larger the number of the CFM rating, the stronger the fan will be.

Choose from various restaurant exhaust fan units based on their CFM ratings: 600 to 1200 CFM, 1350 to 2100 CFM, 2100 to 3000 CFM, 800 to 2200 CFM, 900 to 1300 CFM, and 3000 to 4200 CFM.

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