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Countertop Microwaves

Looking for a Panasonic countertop microwave oven? How about an Amana countertop microwave? Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide variety of countertop microwave ovens from these two trusted brands. You can even choose from countertop microwaves ranging from 1000 watts and 1200 watts up to 2000 watts and more.

  1. Panasonic NE-1064F 1000 Watt Stainless Steel Microwave


    Stainless Steel Electronic Commercial Microwave, 20-1/8"W x 16-3/8"D x 12"H, 39 lbs

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  2. Amana Heavy Duty Compact Microwave


    16-3/4"W x 22-3/4"D x 13-1/2"H, 208-240V, 2100 Watt, 74 lbs

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  3. Amana 1000 Watt Microwave w/ Dial Timer


    10 Minute Dial Timer, 22"W x 19"D x 13-7/8"H, 48 lbs

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  4. Amana Heavy Duty Compact Microwave


    16-3/4"W x 22-3/4"D x 13-1/2"H, 208-240V, 1800 Watt, 74 lbs

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  5. Amana Heavy Duty Compact Microwave


    16-3/4"W x 22"D x 13-1/2"H, 120V, 1200 Watt, 73 lbs

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  6. Amana 1000 Watt Microwave W/touch Timer


    Touch Pad, 20"W x 16-1/2"D x 12-1/4"H, 1000 Watts, 39 lbs

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  7. Save 9% Now!
    Amana 1000 Watt Microwave W/dial Timer

    Amana 1000 Watt Microwave W/dial Timer

    Regular Price: $269.00

    Special Price: $246.00

    Dial, 20"W x 16-1/2"D x 12-1/4"H, 1000 Watts, 39 lbs

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  8. Amana 1200 Watt Microwave


    21-3/4"W x 20-1/4"D x 14-1/4"H, 1200 Watts, 64 lbs

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  9. Panasonic NE-1054F 1000 Watt Commercial Microwave Oven


    Steel Electronic, 20-1/8"W x 16-9/16"D x 12"H, 39 lbs

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  10. Panasonic NE-1025 1000 Watt Commercial Restaurant Microwave


    Steel Mechanical, 13"W x 8-1/2"D x 13"H, 40 lbs

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Countertop Microwaves

Countertop microwave ovens are indispensable parts of a commercial kitchen. They are typically used to heat, reheat, defrost, and sometimes cook various food items for a restaurant, bar, or other types of food-service establishments.

One thing to remember when purchasing a countertop microwave oven, however, is to make sure that you are choosing the commercial variety. This is important because most insurance policies are not going to cover residential-type counter top microwaves, and that will definitely work to your disadvantage if you suddenly encounter a problem with the unit, especially if it is damaged in an untoward event.

Most industrial microwave ovens are of the countertop variety because they can be kept in any commercial kitchen counter without a problem. There are also a variety of countertop microwaves, depending on what you require for your restaurant or food-service establishment: heavy-duty, light-duty, and steam models. Heavy-duty countertop microwaves are more suited for frequent use like heating and reheating a lot of food items every day. Lighter-duty countertop microwave ovens or small countertop microwave ovens are more suited for establishments that do not heat or reheat food that frequently. A small countertop microwave also tends to have simpler features compared to their larger and more heavy-duty counterparts.

There are also microwave countertop ovens that cook with steam apart from heated microwaves, and these types of countertop microwaves tend to cook food more quickly.

Why Should You Purchase a Countertop Microwave for Your Restaurant?

The advantages of purchasing countertop microwave ovens for your restaurant are obvious. Some of the biggest advantages of a countertop microwave oven compared to its domestic counterpart are the following: a higher wattage, quicker and safer cooking and defrosting, a better heat-distribution system, a more durable body (commonly constructed of stainless steel) that can withstand heavy-duty use on a day-to-day basis, and complete insurance coverage that cannot be extended to residential models.

Another advantage of an industrial microwave for the countertop is that, in general, it tends to have more built-in features; for example, there are some units and models that feature programmable controls that make for a convenient one-touch start-up of the unit. In addition, an industrial microwave oven for the countertop also tends to be more energy saving compared to its household counterpart.

Countertop Microwave Ovens Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide variety of counter top microwave ovens from two trusted brands, Amana and Panasonic.

Our Panasonic countertop microwave ovens feature a top and bottom energy feed that eliminated hot and cold spots, which leads to reduced cooking times. A control panel is designed for up to twenty menu items, and there are three power levels with three-stage cooking. If you choose to purchase a Panasonic countertop microwave, you are assured of a stainless-steel exterior and interior with heavy-duty chassis.

If you prefer an Amana countertop microwave, however, you get a unit that is heavy-duty and durable, stackable, and made of stainless-steel interior and exterior.

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