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Neon Signage

With an open neon sign available here at Rapids Wholesale, you can let your potential guests know when your restaurant is already open. You can also choose from other restaurant neon signs that will show and communicate to your diners the food items available on your menu, such as coffee, beer, soup, ice cream, hotdogs, sandwiches, and more.
  1. "Open" LED Sign


    LED Sign, oval, "OPEN", 3 flashing patterns. 6 lbs.

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  2. Rectangular "Open" LED Sign


    LED Sign, rectangular, "OPEN", with single flashing pattern. 6 lbs.

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  3. "PIZZA" LED Sign


    LED Sign, oval, "PIZZA", with dust proof cover, 3 flashing patterns. 7 lbs.

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Open Neon Signs

It is very important for a food-service establishment to make sure that diners know that the business is open. And it goes without saying that the usual signs posted at the door of restaurant that would indicate that the business is open are usually small and are virtually invisible to the naked eye especially to customers who are still relatively far away.

An easier way to let your potential guests know that your place is open is by using open neon signs. The advantage of an open neon sign is that it is very visible and can let your potential customers or diners know that business is ready to accommodate guests even if they are still relatively far away. Not that neon open signs may directly lead to more customers as well as more profits for your restaurants.

Other LED and Restaurant Neon Signs

Restaurant neon signs are not limited to LED restaurant signs. There are also a lot of neon restaurant signs that can effectively market the bestselling items on your menu, which includes sandwiches, ice-cold beer, hot dogs, ice cream, hot soup, pizza, tacos, and even aromatic coffee such as cappuccino and espresso.

The most typical kind of illuminated signs are restaurant neon signs and restaurant LED signs. Neon restaurant signs are typically gas-filled tubes that light up to a certain color when electricity is run through it. In contrast to restaurant neon signs, commercial LED signs use different types of individual bulbs that light up.

It goes without saying that neon restaurant signs and commercial LED signs are a great way to pull in customers and as well as bring more profit to your food-service establishment. They are also an excellent way to flash specific messages to your customers and diners while adding character to your food-service establishment.

Commercial LED Signs and Restaurant Neon Signs

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of restaurant neon signs, commercial LED signs, and other lighted signs ideal for use in any restaurant or food-service establishment.

All our lighted signs are sturdy, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. They also go anywhere: they can be hung on the wall or in your restaurant window or even placed in a built-in easel to stand on the countertop. In particular, our commercial LED signs combine high-color brightness with dazzling motion. They also feature lightweight, slim cabinets that include an easy-mount kit. 

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