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Long Draw & Glycol Systems

Deliver cold beer from the walk-in to the faucet with the perfect long-draw system from Rapids Wholesale. We at Rapids Wholesale can help you get the right beer system components to fit your bar, restaurant, or any other facility. Long Draw Systems
  1. 250' Run 2 Pump Glycol Beer Chiller System | 1/2 HP, 12 Gallon Tank


    250', 2 Pump Glycol Beer Chiller System | 12 Gallon Tank, 1/2 HP | Air-Cooled

    This twelve-gallon glycol beer chiller using steel construction adds the quality and durability you seek. Runs on 1/2 horsepower, can support up to a 250 feet range, Dimensions: 17"D x 26.5"W x 29"H. Weight: 133 lbs. Not the glycol chiller size you were looking for? Find other Rapids glycol chillers here. You can also learn more about choosing the best glycol chiller for your establishment on our blog!

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  2. Rapids Pro-Con Glycol Recirculating Pump


    Pro Con Glycol Recirculating Pump, 100 GPH, 3 lbs

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  3. 60 CFM Blower Assembly for Forced Air Beer Cooling


    60 CFM, Blower w/Vinyl Adapter Fits 2" Flexible Tubing

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  4. Black Wall Flange for Walk-in Cooler Trunk Line Holes


    For 3" - 4" Inside Diameter glycol trunk lines

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  5. Shurflo Beer-Ace Beer Gas Pump - FOB Compatible


    FOB (Empty Keg Detector) Compatible. FOB detect when the keg is empty and shuts off the supply to the faucet before the beer line drains.

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The Long and Short of Long-Draw Systems

Long-draw systems help provide ice-cold beer to places relatively far from where the brew kegs are stored. To put it simply, this kind of beer system is designed for high-volume beer dispensing: long-draw systems rely on a walk-in cooler to store tapped kegs of beer, beer lines that exceed five feet, and a means of keeping the beer cold between the walk-in and the dispensing point.

Typically, there are two types of beer systems used in bars and restaurants to provide cold draft beer to customers: forced-air systems and glycol systems.  

What Is a Forced-Air Long-Draw System?

A forced-air system is one of the most common methods of chilling beer. In this system, cold air that is chilled from a cold box is forced through short- to medium-length draft lines to chill the beer. This type of beer-dispensing system is very easy to install and maintain, but can be limited to lengths of around twenty-five feet or less. In addition, curves and bends in the run of the ducting must be kept to a minimum because curves and bends cause turbulence in the cold-air delivery and suffocate the air flow.

What is a Glycol Long-Draw System?

On the other hand, in a glycol long-draw system, beer passes through tubes to a chiller plate and becomes cold. The chilling process works by forcing a cold liquid (glycol) along tubes to a chiller plate, which is usually cast aluminum, and then through the tap system, thereby keeping the beer cold. The glycol never actually comes in contact with the beer. So how exactly does this bar beer-tap system work? Glycol is non-evaporating refrigeration liquid. Its properties allow it to achieve cold temperatures without freezing. In a glycol beer system, the multiple beer lines are combined side by side with glycol lines, which are, in turn, bundled inside an insulating foam rubber tube. By chilling the liquid glycol and pumping it into lines that run alongside the beer lines, the beer is maintained within one degree of the temperature in the walk-in cooler.

It is important to remember that both forced-air- and glycol-cooled systems need the same mechanics to move the beer from the walk-in cooler to the faucet. The kegs must be pressurized to force the beer through the lines to the faucets. That said, there are three ways to move the beer through the lines: straight CO2 pressure, mixed gas pressure, and beer pumps.

Looking to Serve the Best Draft Beer? Tap into Rapids Wholesale!

So here's one obvious, undeniable fact: the best bars serve the best draft beer. Excellent draft beer is chilled, light and bubbly, with a good head of foam (which helps the beer drinker notice the flavors and aroma of the brew). And here at Rapids Wholesale, we provide you with the best long-draw systems and beer-cooling hardware that will help you pour the perfectly chilled draft beer for your customers and patrons to enjoy! Choose from a wide selection long-draw systems and other beer systems and equipment at very competitive prices, from the foremost provider of wholesale beer supplies—Rapids Wholesale.

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