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Keg Co2 Regulators

Turn to Rapids Wholesale for the best and competitively priced commercial beer regulators available in the market today. We have both single and dual gauge keg regulators available from the most trusted brands and manufacturers, American Beverage, Draught Tech, McDantim, and Taprite.

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What Is a Beer Regulator and How Does It Work?

When it comes to beer-dispensing for your bar, tavern, or pub, a beer or keg regulator is just as important as any other part of the system. If you run a pub, tavern, bar, restaurant, or any other facility that serves beer, you know firsthand that without a properly functioning beer regulator, the beer in your keg is as good as gone. The nitrogen or CO2 beer regulator is at the heart of your bar, pub, or tavern's beer-dispensing system. It is part of your kegerator fridge that connects to the nitrogen or CO2 tank.

Taprite Regulators: Robust Design That Delivers Performance and Reliability

Majority of the beer regulators available here at Rapids Wholesale are Taprite regulators. Taprite beer and keg regulators continue to meet the various demands of the beer and beverage industry, mostly through the help of a robust design that delivers performance and reliability. Taprite regulators are extremely durable and user-friendly, with polycarbonate bonnets that help make adjustments easy and a cap that can be used to conveniently adjust the pressure and push back to lock it in.

All Taprite regulators are designed for built-in safety and fail-safe protection. Every Taprite beer regulator valve is designed so that it cannot be easily removed or circumvented.

Draught Tech Beer Regulators Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

The Draught Tech Single Gauge Beer Regulator functions in accordance with industry guidelines for pressurized dispensing systems. An integral pressure-relief device prevents potentially dangerous pressure build-up and a seat cartridge filter prevents solid contaminants from entering this CO2 regulator.

Other Draught Tech beer and keg regulators available here at Rapids Wholesale include the Draught Tech Double Gauge Regulator and the Draught Tech In-Line Regulator.

Other Beer and Keg Regulators from Rapids Wholesale 

Rapids also offers wall-mounted Co2 regulators for beer from American Beverage and an in-line gas-leak detector from McDantim.

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