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Ice Machine Cleaners, Caddies, & Accessories

Get ice machine accessories here at Rapids Wholesale, from some of the most-trusted brands in commercial refrigeration and ice-production: Cambro, Carlisle, Continental Mfg, Dormont, Everpure, Manitowoc, Rapids, San Jamar, and Scotsman.  

  1. National Chemicals Nickel-Safe Ice Machine Cleaner, 16 oz. bottle


    16 Oz. bottle of Nickel-Safe environmentally friendly ice machine cleaner concentrate. For use in cleaning of all makes and models of commercial ice makers.

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  2. 8# Ice Bags, Case of 1000 Billy Bags


    8 Lb. Ice Bags Case of 100 Billy Bags

    Case of 1000 8# Ice bags for use with Ice Baggers.

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  3. Tape Dispenser for Billy Bagger Ice Baggers


    Tape Dispenser for Billy Baggers

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  4. Billy Bagger, 20 Pound Ice Bagger


    20 Pound Ice Bagger

    This ice bagger is designed to hang onto the side of the ice bin for easy access. 13”W x 15”D x 33”H, 45 lbs

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  5. Billy Bagger, 8 Pound Ice Bagger


    8 Lb. Ice Bagger -Billy Bagger

    8 Pound Ice Bagger slips over the side of your ice machine enabling you to bag your own ice. For use with 8 Lb. Ice bags.  13”W x 15”D x 26”H, 30 lbs

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  6. National Chemicals Nickel-Safe Ice Machine Cleaner, 16 oz. bottles (Case of 6 bottles)


    6 pack case of 16 Oz. bottles of Nickel-Safe enviromentally friendly ice machine cleaner concentrate. For use in cleaning of all makes and models of commercial ice makers.

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  7. Manitowoc Automatic Cleaning System for Indigo Ice Machines

    Manitowoc Automatic Cleaning System for Indigo Ice Machines


    This ice machine cleaner does the work automatically for you. All you need to do is set the cleaning frequency, and the rest is doneGǪautomatically. NSF. For Indigo Series 300-1800, 12"W x 3-1/2"D x 12-1/8"H, 12 lbs

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  8. Manitowoc K-00338 Replacement Cartridge for AR-10000 Water Filter


    For Manitowoc AR-10000 ice machine pre-filter. See Rapids item MB181

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  9. Manitowoc K-00337 Replacement Cartridge for AR-PRE Water Filter


    For Manitowoc AR-PRE Water Pre-Filter Assembly for ice machines. Rapids part number: MB170

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Mobile Ice Chests and Ice Caddies

With a mobile ice bin, you can store ice safely inside your walk-in cooler for weeks at a time. Here at Rapids Wholesale, we have selection of mobile ice chests and ice bins for any establishment's ice-storing needs.

Get a mobile ice bin for your bar or restaurant, so you can easily transport ice. Our ice caddies and ice bins are built to transport quantities of ice ranging from as small as 58 pounds to as large as 125 and 175 pounds. The mobile ice chests and ice caddies  here at Rapids Wholesale are metal-free, thus helping you avoid rusting and corrosion at the same time keeping your ice clean and ready to use or serve. Recessed wells and drain shelves featured in our ice bins will help keep the ice from submerging in water, thereby extending its shelf life.

Tote Buckets for Ice

One of the frequently-used ingredients in food-service and beverage-service establishments today is ice. This is why an ice tote is extremely important for any business that serves ice. We at Rapids Wholesale offer Saf-T-Ice Tote containers from San Jamar, ranging from five- to six-gallon capacities. Our Saf-T-Ice Tote pails are clearly marked, dedicated containers that are designed particularly to stay clean and sanitary while transporting ice. All our ice totes also feature a wall-mounting bracket that is included for easy hanging as well as a hanging hook that allows upside-down off-ground storage.

For easier loading of ice, we recommend the San Jamar Saf-T-Ice Ice Funnel.

Ice Scoops

Scooping ice would seem like an easy job, but  nothing is farther from the truth. Ice handling is serious business in the food-service industry, mainly because ice can easily become dirty and unsafe for consumption, so it is important to utilize the proper ice scoops and holders when scooping ice. In order to keep ice clean and safe for consumption, good-quality ice scoops should be used. A metal ice scoop is actually not considered safe enough, which is why plastic ice scoops are the preferred type.

The size of the ice scoop is also something to consider. You can get a mini ice scoop or something larger, but what's more important is that your service staff also know how to properly scoop up ice. For instance, if your food-service crew are always reaching their hands into the ice, there is a bigger chance that germs can contaminate your ice. A great idea is to attach an ice scoop holder near the ice bin (preferably at the side of the ice bin) or in an adjacent wally so the ice scoop can be safely hung without contaminating it with germs. Remember: a clean ice scoop means clean ice.

For a complete and convenient ice-scooping experience, we suggest the San Jamar Saf-T Scoop Guardian System, which comes in eight-ounce and sixty-four ounce capacities. Prevent hand contact with ice with this system, which ensures contamination-free ice scooping.

Ice Shovels

We at Rapids offer an eleven-inch-wide plastic ice shovel with heavy-duty one-piece plastic construction. This ice shovel is perfect for filling and emptying ice caddies and ingredient bins and is also safe to use with food.

Other Ice Machine Accessories, Equipment, and Add-Ons

Get other equipment for ice production here at Rapids Wholesale: Ice bags with ties, ice machine purification, automatic cleaning system, ice machine filters, and more. 

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