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Delivery Bags & Food Carriers

Looking for insulated bags to keep food hot while you deliver the items to your customers? Here at Rapids Wholesale, we have a large selection of hot food carriers perfect for food-service establishments that specialize in food deliveries or for dine-in restaurants that also offer delivery services. 

Insulated Food Delivery Bags

For food-service establishments that specialize in food deliveries or for restaurants that also offer delivery services, insulated food bags are a must. It’s safe to say that no customer ever wants their food delivered already cold, and so insulated bags to keep food warm during delivery should be on your equipment list, first and foremost.

Needless to say, some of the best food delivery bags help protect your food items from external conditions while they are being delivered to your customers. These external conditions tend to affect the food’s taste, its consistency, its odor, and its texture. You will want the food being delivered to your customers to be as hot and fresh as if it were fresh off the oven, grill, or pan and, of course, tasting the best, so this is where insulated bags for hot food should come in.

A Closer Look at Hot Food Delivery Bags

Some insulated food carriers feature a top-load or a side-load design, both of which makes loading your carriers with food quick, easy, and convenient. Also, as its name suggests, food insulated bags have a layer of insulated material that keeps food piping hot. With this insulation, your food will stay at the proper temperature for long. Almost all hot food carriers also feature convenient Velcro or zippered tops and sides for easy loading and unloading as well as carrying handles that ensures ease of carrying and use for your food-delivery staff and crew.

It is also not surprising that pizza is one of the most oft-ordered and delivered food item nowadays: it is tasty, convenient to eat, and can be enjoyed alone or with a large group of people, depending on the size of the pizza. It is also not appetizing to eat when already cold; cold pizza means soggy pizza.

Pizza delivery bags are some of the most common hot food delivery bags today. Commercial pizza delivery bags are commonly made of vinyl and nylon, materials that passively retain heat. In fact, the price of the insulated pizza delivery bags you choose will generally depend on the material of the bag, which directly affects durability and condensation aside from cost.

Heated pizza delivery bags, in particular, supply additional heat to the pizza through insertion of externally heated disks, electrical heating elements, or pellets that are heated by induction. Nowadays, there are available pizza delivery bags for sale that features a hard frame, back straps, and water proofing—innovations that will immensely benefit food delivery via motorcycle.

Pizza Delivery Hot Bags and Other Insulated Food Carriers

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of pizza delivery hot bags and general insulated food carriers.

Our general insulated food bags feature a heavy-duty top and are loaded via the side. They are insulated with a semi-rigid foam to help hold its shape and features a black nylon lining, sturdy top and side handles, a Velcro removable liner, and an adjustable hard board shelf.

On the other hand, most of our pizza delivery bags feature a durable and heavy vinyl construction that is very easy to clean. Pizza delivery bags for sale here at Rapids Wholesale feature grommetted ventilation holes to keep the pizzas fresh. These bags are excellent for both hot and cold foods and are heavily insulated to keep pizzas hot for at least one hour and are versatile enough for use not only by pizza-delivery restaurants but for caterers and home use as well.

Choose from a large pan carrier bag, a hot food sandwich bag, or a restaurant delivery bag as well as pizza delivery bags that can hold one, three, four, and up to twelve pizzas.

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