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Gloves, Hairnets & Aprons

Ensure hygiene and cleanliness in your restaurant or food-service establishment with our wide range of food service gloves, restaurant hairnets, and food service aprons.
  1. Bouffant Cap Disposable Hairnets (White, 100-Pack)


    Professional appearance helps meet sanitary requirements.

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  2. Disposable Cook Hats | 100 Pack


    Disposable Chef's Hat, 3", pack of 100

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  3. Disposable Food Service Poly Gloves, Large (Box of 500)


    Economical disposable food handling gloves, 500-count box

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  4. Disposable Textured Poly Gloves, Medium


    Economical disposables. 500 gloves per box

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  5. Disposable Vinyl Gloves, Med


    Economical disposables.

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  6. Black Disposable Nylon Hairnets for Cafeterias & Food Prep | 26"


    Professional appearance helps meet sanitary requirements.

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  7. Half Length Splash Resistant Vinyl Bib Apron, Brown


    Bib Apron, 25" x 28", no pockets, vinyl, brown

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Food Service Gloves

All food-service crew that handles, prepares, or cooks food especially in restaurants are required by many health departments to wear disposable food service gloves. The food code of the United States Food and Drug Administration, as well as majority of the health departments worldwide, generally does not allow contact of bare hands with food, and with good reason. Hygienic food preparation calls for handling of food using foodservice gloves in order to avoid potentially contaminating food served to diners with harmful pathogens such as germs, bacteria, fungi, and other contaminants. Food service gloves are meant to protect your guests and diners from food-borne illnesses.

However, in addition to protecting diners from potential food-borne pathogens, you should also protect your employees, especially those who have allergies to latex or rubber gloves. Some workers can actually be allergic to latex, caused by allergenic proteins in the latex itself. Allergic reactions can range from coughing and sneezing to rashes on the face as well as allergic reactions like severe itching and breaks on the skin that comes in direct contact with the glove.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, we have polyethylene and vinyl disposable gloves and latex-free food service gloves available so you can make sure that you are protecting not just your guests and diners from harmful food-borne contaminants but also your employees as well from potential allergic reactions they might suffer from while wearing latex and rubber gloves.

Disposable Food Service Gloves Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Disposable food service gloves here at Rapids Wholesale are available in vinyl and polyethylene and are guaranteed latex-free, so you your food-service staff can avoid potentially harmful and dangerous allergic reactions. You can choose either medium or large size to fit any hand size.

We also offer elbow-length pot/sink gloves, vinyl- or cloth-lined dishwashing or janitorial gloves, and fully insulated rotissi gloves with a neoprene outer shell to protect against heat and hot liquids.  

Restaurant Hairnets

Hair nets for food service should be a must if you run any restaurant or food-service business. Nothing is more embarrassing or damaging to a food-service establishment than your diners or guests finding a hair in their stew, soup, or broth.

Needless to say, all food-service staff or crew is required by law to wear food service hair nets to avoid contamination of consumer food products by the food-service crew that are handling them. It is not surprising, therefore, that restaurant hair nets are mandatory in food preparation and processing areas of food-service establishments. Here at Rapids Wholesale, our food service hair nets help you balance a professional appearance with meeting hygienic and sanitary requirements.

Industrial Aprons

Food service aprons are used for aesthetic, professional, and hygienic purposes. They are used by food-service crew as part of their uniform, to help protect them from hot oil and certain chemicals, and to prevent their clothing from being splattered with liquids that can potentially leave stains on their clothes.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of commercial aprons ranging from the classic bib food service apron to the full-length commercial apron.

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