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Beverage Prep

Whether you want to blend it, rim it, or juice it, we at Rapids Wholesale will keep you on top of your beverage-service needs with our quality rimmers, juicers, and blenders from some of the most-trusted brands in the market today: Bar Maid, Hamilton Beach, San Jamar, Tablecraft, and Waring.

  1. Stainless Whipped Cream Dispenser -1 Pint


    1 pint Stainlessl Whipped Cream Dispenser.with profressional decorative tip

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  2. Hamilton Beach Fury 3HP Bar Blender

    Hamilton Beach Fury 3HP Bar Blender


    Fury High Performance Bar Blender, two speed motor, 64 oz. stackable polycarbonate container, variable timer, jump cycle, pulse switch, auto shutoff, with wave-action™ system, stainless steel blades, 3 HP, 120v/60/1-ph, cULus, NSF listed, Express Care Service Program, 2 year warranty

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  3. Hamilton Beach HBH750 Eclipse Commercial Blender

    Hamilton Beach HBH750 Eclipse Commercial Blender


    Eclipse High-Performance Blender, 48 oz. container, Wave-Action® system, one-touch blending functions, more than 100 pre-programmed cycles, memory card slot, with Quiet-Blend™ technology and removable Quite-Shield™, converts for in-counter use, stainless steel blade, 3HP, 120v/60/1-ph, 8.6 amps, cULus, NSF listed, Express Care Service Program, 3 year warranty

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  4. Vitamix Two-Speed Drink Machine, 64 Oz.


    Drink Machine-¡Gäó, BPA-free clear, stackable container, aerating blade assembly, lid, mini tamper.

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  5. Vitamix 64 oz. Blender Container


    Blender Container, 64 oz. (2 liter), high-impact, clear, with ice blade assembly and lid, for Touch & GoGäó Blending Station-«, BarBossGäó and Drink Machine, NSF certified

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  6. Hamilton Beach BB300 Blade Commercial Bar Blender


    Blade Bar Blender, 48-oz. plastic container, 2-speed with pulse, toggle switch controls, rubber jar pad, 1 HP, 120v/60/1-ph, 750 watts, 6.8 amps. 16"H x 7-5/8"W x 8-3/8"D.

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  7. Hamilton Beach BB320 Blade Commercial Bar Blender


    Blade Bar Blender, 48-oz. plastic container, 2-speed with pulse, electronic touchpad controls, rubber jar pad, 1 HP, 120v/60/1-ph, 750 watts, 6.8 amps. 16"H x 7-5/8"W x 8-3/8"D.

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A Look at Professional Juicers

Juicers are tools that help separate the juice from either fruits or vegetables. There are two types of commercial juicers (which can also be used as home juicers) readily available in the market today, which are indispensable for every bar, pub, tavern, or restaurant: Centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers. What are the differences between the two juicers? A centrifugal juicer utilizes a cutting blade to extract juice from fruits or vegetables while a masticating juicer—as its name suggests—masticates, mashes, and crushes produce with the use of an auger for the juice-extraction process.

Regardless of which juicer you choose, it is of the essence to properly clean your equipment so you can ensure that it works properly. Needless to say, proper cleaning of juicers can be done by using simple cleaning equipment that include brushes, dish-washing soap, and dishcloths. It is also important to make sure that, if you are using an electric juicer, to unplug it first before cleaning. Also, it is more advisable to manually wash juicers rather than putting them in a dishwasher.

A Look at Restaurant Blenders & Commercial Grade Blenders

Blenders are machines that turn solid ingredients into liquid or semi-liquid by blending them.

The first blender was invented by Stephen Poplawski. Poplawski's invented his blender in the year 1919 and then patented it three years after. However, this first blender was actually used not to blend solid ingredients but to prepare soda-fountain beverages. The actual blender that is used as we know now was actually an improvement on Poplawski's machine, which was done by Fred Osius and thus gave birth to  the Waring blender.

Blenders, regardless of brand, type, and model, have the following basic important parts: housing, blade, jar, gasket, seal ring, base, and lid.

The blender's base houses the motor, which is connected to the blade and is where the buttons to control the machine are located. The gasket prevents leaking, while the jar contains the ingredients to be blended and the lid acts as a to avoid spilling the contents of the jar while blending.

As with juicers, it is important to clean a blender well so that it is always in perfect working condition. Commercial blenders and industrial blenders, as with home blenders, can both be cleaned using the same process. And the cleaning is pretty straightforward: dismantle the blender , making sure to follow the safety instructions on the manual, and then you can proceed to clean the components using simple water and soap. Dry the parts and then reassemble the blender then use as needed.

What Are Glass Rimmers?

Glass rimmers are a type of bar accessory that is utilized to apply salt or sugar to the rim of a cocktail or margarita glass. Rimmers generally consist of one or more shallow plastic or metal discs that the bartender or barmaid turns the glass upside down into. The discs of a rimmer can be filled with either sugar or salt.

Juicers and Blenders Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of blenders. Choose from kitchen blenders, bar blenders, and both commercial blenders or industrial blenders and home blenders. Our blenders and other blending tools and equipment are come from reputable names in the food-processing industry: Bar Maid, Hamilton Beach, San Jamar, Tablecraft, and Waring.

For juicers, we have both commercial juicers and home juicers on hand. Our top-rated juicers include the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor and the Waring Commercial Juicer. The Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor is a manual juicer that is reliable, efficient, heavy duty, and easy to clean.  On the other hand, Waring Commercial Juicer features a heavy die-cast base and a quiet running motor. The bowl and reamer of this juicer can be easily lifted off for convenient cleaning. The reamer fits all citrus fruits, and a one-liter serving container is included.

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