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Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

Advantages of Using an Ice Cream Display or Ice Cream Cabinet

When it comes to selling ice cream inside an ice cream shop, supermarket, or convenience store, one should strive for maximum aesthetic appeal. This means that the shop's wares should be displayed as conspicuously as possible, preferably at a spot where customers can easily see them. This concept of showcasing one's wares as conspicuously as possible is even truer for ice cream, a type of frozen food that today boasts of hundreds of flavors imaginable since its invention many, many years ago.

And this is where an ice cream cabinet comes in. Unlike any other freezer, an ice cream freezer—especially the ones that feature see-through glass/plastic doors or sneeze guards—is especially designed to showcase a shop's ice cream selection and help customers and patrons choose the flavors that they want, therefore also encouraging impulse purchases that could increase any store's profits.

Another advantage of using ice cream cabinets instead of storing your ice cream, sorbet, gelato, and other frozen treats in an ordinary freezer is that ice cream freezers are specifically designed to freeze ice cream and other similar foods. Thus using a commercial ice cream freezer can help maintain and keep the particular texture and taste of ice cream and similar frozen treats.

Different Kinds of Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets & Batch Freezers for Sale

If you are looking for an ice cream freezer for sale, you will have to choose from either a display ice cream freezer that showcases the frozen treats in uncovered pans that make for easier serving into cones or cups or the ordinary ice cream storage freezer that utilizes a solid door instead of a see-through glass or plastic one. Or you might want to opt for an ice cream dipping cabinet, which can also feature chocolate and syrup pumps and even jars with lids and spoons.

The type of ice cream fridges you choose for your establishment will usually depend on how you want to sell or serve your frozen treats. Ordinary commercial ice cream freezers store and display ice creams in tubs and are suitable for supermarkets, convenience stores, and grocery stores where customers are looking for takeaway frozen treats. An ice cream batch freezer works in a similar manner. On the other hand, an ice cream display cabinet or an ice cream dipping cabinet that showcases your ice cream, gelato, or sorbet in uncovered pans and are ready to serve in a cup or cone (with syrup or toppings to boot) is best used in an ice cream shop or deli where customers stay or sit in to eat. For outdoor outings or picnics, you can also opt for a portable ice cream freezer that can be easily transported.

Get the Best Commercial Ice Cream Freezer, Frozen Yogurt or Gelato Display

We at Rapids Wholesale have a large selection of ice cream display cabinets and ice cream batch freezers. Or perhaps you prefer an ice cream freezer dipping cabinet? Choose from a variety of cabinets, freezers, and accessories from some of the most reputable brands in commercial freezing and refrigeration today: Dipwell, Master-Bilt, True, and Turbo Air

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