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Cup & Straw Dispensers

Make sure your lids, cups, and straws are organized and hygienic with our wide range of straw dispensers, lid dispensers, and plastic cup dispensers, manufactured by two of the most trusted brands in the food-service industry today, San Jamar and Vollrath

  1. Ice Cream Cone Dispenser


    Plastic Dispenser for Cones or Cups

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  2. Stainless Steel Cup Dispenser


    24" Stainless Steel Cup Dispenser

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  3. Z-stand For 3 Cup Dispenser


    Z-Stand for 3 Cone Dispensers

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  4. Gourmet Lid Dispenser, 12-24 Oz Lid


    Gourmet lid dispenser can stand or be mounted on a wall.

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  5. Pull Type Cup Dispenser for 12-24 oz Plastic Water Cups


    Gourmet pull-type cup dispenser has an adjustable collar that conforms to cup size.

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  6. Rotating Cup/lid Dispenser Stand


    Gourmet rotating cup and lid dispenser stand has a 10" diameter base and will hold up to four dispensers.

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  7. Old Fashioned Pull-up Straw Dispenser Holder


    Straw dispenser is 3-1/2" x 10-3/4".

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  8. San Jamar C8503WF Countertop Cup Dispenser


    Basic Organizer, 6-3/8”W x 18-1/2”D x 19-3/8”H, 7 lbs

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  9. San Jamar C8503WFD Countertop Cup Dispenser with Side Panels


    Organizer w/Side Panels, 6-3/8”W x 18-1/2”D x 19-3/8”H, 9 lbs

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  10. Stainless Steel Ice Cream Cone Dispenser


    24" Stainless Steel Ice Cream Cone Dispenser

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Straw Dispensers

A straw dispenser typically performs a dual function in restaurants and many food-service establishments—they are for aesthetic purposes and to compliment the restaurant as a dining-room décor as well as a functional accessory.  A drinking straw dispenser not only keeps your straws on display for your customers and diners, but they also help your guests easily and conveniently access drinking straws and prevent them from spilling out on the counter or on the floor of your restaurant or food-service establishment.

The advantage of using a straw holder dispenser is that it has a simple design that in turn makes it convenient for your customers and diners to dispense and get their own drinking straws. There are a lot of straw dispensers available in the market today, and one of the most popular includes the retro straw dispenser or an old fashioned straw dispenser. There are also modern-style straw dispensers that are perfect for hip establishments that pull in younger guests.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a selection of straw dispensers and select from either a drinking straw dispenser that dispenses wrapped straws (holds a total of 250 wrapped straws) or unwrapped straws (holds a total of 200 unwrapped straws). Both types of straw dispensers feature a walnut-vinyl body and a Lexan cover and are gravity fed to ensure easy dispensing of straws.    

Lid Dispensers

What is a lid dispenser? A cup lid dispenser is a type of restaurant tool that—as its name suggests—dispenses plastic cups for use in most food-service establishments, specifically those restaurants that serve fast food and beverages like sodas and juices in plastic cups. 

Lids for plastic cups are essential for use especially in takeaways so customers can effectively avoid unnecessary spillage of drinks and beverages. Lid dispensers help your food-service staff to easily grab a lid or two and then cover beverage cups for customer takeaways, thereby saving time.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide selection of lid dispensers, depending on what you require for your restaurant. Do you prefer a lid dispenser that can be placed on the countertop? How about a cup lid dispenser that can be mounted on a wall? Our lid dispensers prevent lid wastage by eliminating lid stacks on the countertops. They also protect the lid stacks and promote hygiene because, with these lid dispensers, your food-service staff or customers touch only the lid that they are going to use.

There are also combination lid dispensers and straw dispensers available here at Rapids, which will help you save even more space in your restaurant or food-service establishment. 

Plastic Cup Dispensers

Plastic cup dispensers or cup dispensers that can dispense paper cups and other disposable cups are excellent restaurant tools that can help keep your disposable cups in your food-service establishment organized, secure, sanitary, hygienic, and out of the way of your diners or the workspace of your food-service crew. You can choose from a vertical in-counter cup dispenser or cup dispensers that can either be mounted vertically or horizontally. We also have a cabinet-style disposable cup dispenser (choose from two or three levels) that is ideal for any restaurant or bar countertop.

An important tip: when selecting a cup dispenser, it is a good idea to make sure that you know the specific capacity of the cups that you are thinking of storing. Oftentimes, cup dispensers can be adjusted easily with an ordinary household tool such as a screwdriver, but it is better to store cups in the cup dispensers based on their correct holding capacity and not to tamper or tinker with your cup dispenser lest you void its warranty. In addition, it is better to assess beforehand the ease of use and storage options of your food-service business before going out to buy your cup dispenser.  

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