Rapids Rewards Points Program

2X Recovery Points | We're Here to Help!

This Covid-19 outbreak is unprecedented. Never have we faced such a difficult challenge as an industry. We at Rapids believe it is our duty to help position all of us well when we come out of this pandemic.

Going forward, we are offering DOUBLE POINTS on all purchases to our Rewards Members.

For some of us, the downtime while our dining rooms are closed may be the perfect time to clean, organize, repair and replace. For others, we may need to pivot to a more robust carryout or delivery platform that we may not have been prepared for. Many of us just need to keep our businesses safe and sanitized. We want to help those dollars stretch farther and put us all in a position to come out of this thing primed and ready for the turn. Look for further discounts and points promotions on specific items crucial in this time. And check our blog here and on our design website for tips and tasks to keep you and your employees on staff and occupied.

Stay safe, stay smart, stay in touch!

2X Bonus Points

The Basics

Our banner summarizes it quite well: Buy stuff and earn points; use points to buy stuff. In other words, you will have the opportunity to earn points by interacting with our website (purchases, reviews, etc.), then you can apply those points to save on your next purchase!

The conversion rate is straightforward: 10 points = $1 off a future purchase. Points expire after 365 days.


Ways to Earn

Sign Up for a Rapids Account

Create an account on our website and earn 50 points ($5)!!

Buy Stuff!

For every ten dollars you spend, you will receive one point. What could be simpler than that? Note: You will need to be signed into your Rapids account for the points to accrue.

Subscribe to our Newsletter

At the bottom of every page on our website, there's a place for you to sign up for emails. You will receive 20 points ($2) for this subscription, AND you will get information on special deals, new products, and events (as well as a plethora of product puns)!

Tell Us What You Think

Leave a product review and get 20 points ($2). Reviews are checked by our staff, so the content must be relevant to qualify, no gibberish. Keep in mind that you can only get review points for 5 products a day, so if you have a lot to say, space out your reviews over the course of several days. Also, make sure you are logged in while reviewing, otherwise the points won't apply!

Special Points Promotions

Check this section regularly to see what special points promotions are currently active and get more savings!

Current Promotions

  • 2X Covid Recovery Bonus Points


Using Your Points

Once you've earned enough points, you save on your next purchase! In the One Step Checkout, all you have to do is click Rewards Points, then Use Rewards Points, and the discount will automatically be applied!

Managing Your Points

Keeping track of your points is easy! Simply log in to our website, then go to Reward Points under My Account.


Points Balance

Your rewards points balance will be at the top of this page (helpfully converted into the dollar amount you will save by using them).

Transaction Log

Your transaction history is also available, providing a detailed record of how you earned points and when they expire.

Stay Notified!

Get an immediate alert when your points balance has changed by subscribing to our email notifications under Newsletter Subscriptions. If you are a new user, you will be automatically subscribed by default, but if you had an existing account before our points program was implemented, you will need to manually subscribe. You can also get emails warning you when your points are about to expire - an email will be sent 7 days beforehand so you'll have plenty of time to browse our webstore and find something you need!