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Ice Tubs, Beer Tubs & Keg Jackets

Looking to keep beer cold for your bar or for your next picnic or outdoor party? We at Rapids Wholesale have the perfect beer tubs and ice tubs that will help keep your beer chilled for hours. Keep your bar customers or party guests happy with perfectly chilled draft beer, only through Rapids Wholesale's beverage tubs.
  1. Red Super Cooler Keg Jacket Insulated Keg Tub w/ Lid


    Red Super Cooler Keg Jacket IRP-010

    In Stock - Ships Immediately

    Exceptionally well insulated red vinyl keg jacket super cooler in red vinyl. use this to keep your 1/2 or 1/4 barrel keg chilled and beer temperature maintained through the duration of your event. NOTE: *Tapper and dolly in image are sold separately.

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  2. Keg Tub Heavy Duty 75L Black w/ handles

    Heavy Duty Keg Tub

    Get a beer tub that's not only built to last, but is also easy to handle. 19.8 Gallon capacity. 23"W x 15"H, 54 lbs.

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  3. Keg Jacket Insulated Super Cooler, Black


    Exceptionally well insulated black vinyl keg jacket super cooler in red vinyl. Use this to keep your 1/2 or 1/4 barrel keg chilled and beer temperature maintained through the duration of your event.

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  4. Blue Super Cooler Keg Jacket - Insulated Keg Tub with Lid


    Blue Super Cooler Keg Jacket Insulated Bucket with Lid IRP-010

    In Stock - Ships Immediately

    Keg Jacket Super Cooler has Double wall construction and insulation keep beer colder. Great for 1/4 or 1/2 barrels. No drain, so it can't leak. Other colors are available, call for details. Try the Super Cooler Keg Dolly for easy transporting.

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  5. Red Plastic Keg Tub - Beer Ice Party Tub

    This is one of the most versatile plastic beer tubs available here at Rapids Wholesale, which is ideal for use with keg jackets, cold plate, or coil coolers. This high-density plastic ice tub is also rust-, dent-, and corrosion-free. Total length of this outdoor beverage tub: 11-5/8"H x 25-1/8".

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  6. 19 Gallon Beer Tub Ice Bucket with Rope Handles

    This simple but reliable beer cooler bucket can also be used as a general drinks bucket for cooling and chilling other types of canned or bottled beverages. Just fill this party bucket with your favorite drinks, pour over ice and some water, and wait until the beverages are well chilled before serving to your party guests or bar customers. This is a lightweight but heavy-duty drinks bucket, weighing only 5 lb when empty.

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  7. Insulated Beverage Tub Countertop Beverage Cooler | Black


    48 Qt Countertop Beverage Merchandiser Model # IRP-2010

    36"W x 18"D x 8"H - This table top insulated beverage tub is perfect filled with ice to keep bottled and canned beer and other beverages chilled and displayed on the counter or a table for your catered event or party. This tabletop chiller is also ideal for outdoor events. Total length of this tabletop chiller is 36"W x 18"D x 8"H, with a total weight of thirty pounds when empty. This tabletop beverage tub can accommodate approximately seventy bottles or cans of beer and other beverages and is available in multiple colors to work with your theme.

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  8. Brown Canvas Keg Jacket Insulator

    This keg insulator is especially suited for use with 1/2 beer barrels. This keg blanket is also guaranteed lightweight and easy to handle and features sturdy stitching that won't come off easily. A center hole is provided for this keg blanket to accommodate a picnic pump.

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  9. Save 25% Now!
    Red Vinyl Keg Jacket - Keg Insulation Blanket

    Red Vinyl Keg Jacket - Keg Insulation Blanket

    Regular Price: $41.49

    Special Price: $31.25

    As low as: $28.99

    This keg blanket is specially designed for use with regular 1/2 size beer barrels. This keg jacket is also guaranteed lightweight and easy to handle and includes sturdy stitching. A center hole is available for this keg insulator for use with a picnic pump.

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  10. Portable Beverage Catering & Concession Cooler | Black


    This versatile concession cooler is excellent for use in both catering events and concession stands. Specifically designed so you can serve chilled and cooled beverages for your customers, this is one of the most durable and heavy-duty concession and catering coolers available in the market today. Total length of this catering cooler is 51"W x 24"D x 38"H. Total weight empty is 100 pounds. Note: Please allow 2-3 weeks to ship.

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Various Ways of Cooling Beer: Kegerators, Keg Jackets, and Beer Tubs or Ice Tubs

There are various ways of keeping beer (both in kegs and in bottles or cans) chilled in bars, restaurants, and taverns or during picnics or outdoor parties. One option for cooling beer, particularly in kegs, is using kegerators. To put it simply, kegerators are refrigerators for beer kegs. The most common kegerators are designed to hold and accommodate single kegs of standard size, but there are others that can accommodate multiple kegs. Usually, these kegerators have temperature-control devices where you can adjust the coldness depending on your preference. Kegerators are ideal beer-cooling systems for those who own a bar, restaurant, pub, tavern, or other establishments that serve cold beer. A disadvantage of kegerators, however, is that they are not as portable compared to other beer-cooling options, so this makes them less ideal for outdoor picnics and parties.

An excellent option for cooling beer kegs at outdoor functions is the use of keg jackets and keg blankets. Keg-cooling jackets are usually made of insulating material such as vinyl, canvas, or polypropylene. These beer blankets are designed to fit snugly around standard-sized beer kegs, so there is no need for any ice. A keg blanket or keg jacket also usually features a hole at the top to accommodate a beer pump.

The most common and the simplest method  of cooling kegged, bottled, or canned beer is by keeping them submerged in ice. There are several (and often ingenious) ways to do this: some use a large, clean garbage can filled with ice to cool their beer kegs; others dig a pit, fill it with ice, then place their beer keg there.

Using a Drink Tub for Your Beer-Cooling Needs

We at Rapids Wholesale suggest using beer tubs and ice tubs to chill your kegged, bottled, or canned beer. An advantage of using a beverage bucket tub available here at Rapids is that—unlike using any other container, which might crack or break, or a dug-up pit, which will make your beer dirty—drink tubs are guaranteed to be durable, safe, and will always keep your beer clean—apart from keeping them well chilled depending on how you regularly replace the ice.

Beer Keg Tubs and Ice Tubs Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

We at Rapids Wholesale have a wide selection of beverage ice tubs of different sizes and capacities, depending on your preference and needs. They can be used for both outdoor outings or picnics or inside your bar for chilling your beer or any beverage.

Texas Tanker Display Cooler Tub – This cooler tub is made of polyethylene and keeps more bottles cold for fast and high-profit merchandising.

Texas Ice Tub – Our ice tub is great for use in remote bars, convenience stores, or parties. Its higher base reduces bending to fish out drinks and features a convenient lower shelf.       

Party Beer Tub Cooler – This beverage cooler tub is insulated for less ice consumption and features a drain for easy disposal of melted ice.

Beer Tubs – Our beer tubs, available in red and blue, has a twenty-gallon capacity and will hold a 1/4 and 1/2 beer keg or 96 cans/bottles of beer. This rugged beer tub is made of rugged polypropylene with built-in handles.

Countertop Beverage Ice Tub – This beverage ice tub provides easy access to iced cans and bottles.

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