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Commercial Dining and Service Supplies
Looking for a complete line of dining supplies and food service equipment for your restaurant or food-service establishment? Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of commercial dining supplies and professional food service supplies manufactured by some of the most popular and reputable brands in the market today.
Restaurant Tableware
Pitchers and Carafes, Baskets and Bowls, Candles Lamps and Fuel Cells, Fountainware, Steak Platters, Tablecloths and Napkins, Table Signs and Billboards.
Restaurant Glassware
Glass and Plastic Drinkware for Bar or Restaurant
Restaurant Flatware
Flatware from Oneida, World Tableware, Winco, and More.
Restaurant Dinnerware
Restaurant plates, cups and mugs. China, plastic and melamine dinnerware from trusted brands.
Condiment Caddies & Condiment Bottles
Tabletop Condiment Caddies and Organizers blend style and serviceability.
Server Equipment
Server & Waitress Supplies
Trays and Stands, Bus Carts, Server Stations, Glass racks, Menu Covers, Menu Holders, Order rails, Check Holders, Aprons and Apparel, Towels and Dish Cloths

Catering Supplies
Chafers, Insulated Containers, Buffetware, Food Bars, Delivery Bags, Trays Bowls and Crocks, Accessories
Concession Equipment
Merchandisers, Roller Grills and Hot Dog, Popcorn, Heated Displays, Countertop Cooking, Cheese Dispensers, Condiment Dispensers.
Chef Clothing
Chef Clothing
Chef hats, pants, aprons, hair nets and more chef's clothing.

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Restaurant Service and Dining Supplies

It's an unwritten rule in the food-service industry that customers should be kept as comfortable and happy as possible when they are dining. And those who own businesses in the food and hospitality industry must strive hard to provide guests and diners with only the best food, service, and facilities available so that customers can enjoy the best dining experience possible.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, we aim to provide the best dining supplies, so restaurant and food-service owners can provide superior service to their diners and guests. Our complete line of dining supplies includes restaurant tableware, commercial glassware, commercial flatware, restaurant dinnerware, condiment caddies and organizers, restaurant server trays and other equipment, restaurant catering equipment, concession equipment and supplies.

Must-Have Tips

Dining Supplies Must-Have #1: Restaurant Tableware

Provide your guests with the best table service in your restaurant and food-service establishment. We give you excellent restaurant tableware, which includes everything you will ever need for a classy and stylish table service: commercial glassware, all kinds of utensils, and even dishware.

The most common types of restaurant tableware include the following: restaurant bread baskets and bowls, restaurant carafes and pitchers, restaurant table candles as well as lamps and fuel cells, fountainware, steak platters, and restaurant table linens and napkins.

Dining Supplies Must-Have #2: Restaurant Supply Glassware

A wide array of commercial glassware should be your priority if you own a bar, tavern, pub, or club. You should also have quality restaurant glassware if you own any kind of food-service establishment.

Common commercial glassware usually includes the following: restaurant water glasses, restaurant wine glasses, and even glasses specifically designed for children.

Rapids Wholesale is one of the largest online restaurant glassware wholesalers. As one of the biggest restaurant glassware suppliers, we carry only the best brands in commercial glassware available in the market today.

Dining Supplies Must-Have #3: Commercial Flatware

Simply speaking, commercial flatware is also another term for professional cutlery. Commercial cutlery is an umbrella term that encompasses the following utensils commonly found in commercial food-service establishments and restaurants: spoons, forks, and knives.

Needless to say, commercial flatware is one of the most important components of your dining supplies because professional utensils are what customers use when dining. Choose from a wide variety of commercial flatware from reputable brands that include Browne, Rapids, and World Tableware.

Rest assured that you get only the best commercial flatware here at Rapids Wholesale, designed to hold up to many years of service even in the most demanding and busy restaurant environments.

Dining Supplies Must-Have #4: Commercial Dinnerware

Perhaps it's safe to say that without the proper restaurant dinnerware, your restaurant or food-service establishment would not be what it is. Let's face it: commercial dinnerware is one of the most essential aspects of a food-service business. And it's worth mentioning that purchasing the best restaurant dinnerware is imperative because hundreds (or even thousands, if you own a large restaurant or food-service establishment) of customers and diners use commercial dinnerware (which includes main dishes, side dishes, and different types of bowls such as salad bowls) on a daily basis.

Commercial dinnerware made of melamine is one of the most durable and heavy-duty types of restaurant dish, and it is not surprising that it's some of the most popular and oft-used types of restaurant dinnerware in use nowadays.

Dining Supplies Must-Have #5: Condiment Caddies and Organizers

Condiment caddies, organizers, and bottles are perhaps some of the most underappreciated dining supplies in the food-service industry, but they are no less important than other types of dining supplies, simply because they keep your restaurant more orderly.

Here at Rapids, you can select from a wide array of condiment caddies and organizers from such brands as American Metalcraft, Browne, Carlisle, Libbey, San Jamar, Tablecraft, and Town. We also give you a large selection of wholesale squeeze bottles, ketchup bottles, mustard bottles, and other types of condiment bottles

Dining Supplies Must-Have #6: Restaurant Server Trays

Restaurant server trays are must-have foodservice equipment, especially for restaurants and caterers. Restaurant server trays help your foodservice crew deliver orders to their respective customers and diners safely and conveniently.

Because restaurant server trays are used frequently by your waiters, waitresses, and busboys on any given day, they should be durable and—more importantly—slip-free so your food servers can avoid accidentally dropping food items, beverages, or glasses and dishes.

Here at Rapids we give you a wide variety of restaurant server trays from two popular and reputable brands, Cambro and Carlisle.

Dining Supplies Must-Have #7: Restaurant Catering Supplies

A complete line of restaurant catering equipment is important if you are to run a catering business. Commercial catering supplies include the following: chafing dishes and their accessories; insulated food and drink carriers; buffet and catering utensils; food tables and buffet stations; delivery bags and food carriers; catering trays, catering bowls, and catering crocks; and hand washing stations.

Dining Supplies Must-Have #8: Concession Supplies

A concession stand is a great food-service business that doesn't require you to shell out a large amount of money. The upside is that, if managed well and if situated in an ideal location, you can get an immediate return on investment on your concession stand, with minimum investment.

It is, however, important that you purchase only the best concession food supplies, and preferably from reputable brands and manufacturers.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can get concession supplies wholesale, including the most common, which include the following: merchandisers, hotdog steamers and rollers, popcorn supplies, snow cone machines, hot food display and pizza warmers, countertop cookers, nacho cheese dispensers, and condiment dispensers and pumps.

Our wholesale concession supplies guarantee a complete setup for your concession stand so you can pull in more customers for your business.