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Beer Tap Handles

Add some style and personalize your beer-dispensing system with Rapids Wholesale's selection of beer faucet handles. We at Rapids Wholesale have a wide selection of unique tap handles that will complement any beer-dispensing system and give character to your bar, pub, tavern, or restaurant.

The Beer Tap Handle, An Essential Part of Any Beer-Dispensing System

The way a beer-tap handle works is pretty straightforward—it opens and closes the beer faucet. When a bartender or barmaid pushes the tap handle forward, it allows the draft beer to flow from the faucet. In turn, pulling the beer-tap handle backward closes the faucet and proceeds to stop the flow of beer.

A lot of people might not know it, but in terms of aesthetic value and function, a beer tap handle—apart from a beer faucet—is one of the most essential parts of a bar's draft beer-dispensing system. A beer faucet handle is involved in the last stage of a dispensing process wherein the bartender or the barmaid uses it to pour the beer out into the mug or glass.

And a beer tap handle need not be plain and boring. Most tap handles showcase the logo of a particular brand of beer, but if you want to accessorize more for your bar or pub, novelty draft beer tap handles are the way to go.

Unleash Your Bar's Artistic Side with Rapids Wholesale's Beer Tap Handles

A few years ago, bar tap handles were simply objects of function: a simple lever that released beer or stopped its flow at a bartender or barmaid's whim. Nowadays, though, beer faucet handles also serve a different function—they help catch the customer's eye and provide character and artistic flair to any bar, tavern, or restaurant.

In fact, these days customers can find colorful, whimsical, and elaborately ornate beer tap handles in bars all over the world. Tap handles nowadays are of different shapes and sizes and are usually colorful and eye-catching, but they basically serve the same function that they did many years ago—to help serve the perfectly chilled draft beer.

Add a Nice Touch to Your Bar with Rapids Wholesale's Unique draft tap handles

Want to personalize your your bar's beer-dispensing system? We at Rapids Wholesale offer a huge selection of sculptured and unique tap handles that will complement any beer-dispensing system and give character to your bar, pub, tavern, or restaurant.

We at Rapids Wholesale want to make sure that our draft tap handles fit your faucet's configuration. If you are unsure and need more help regarding this, please contact our friendly Sales Representatives here.

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