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Rapids Commercial Kitchen Equipment
At the heart of any food-service enterprise is a well-equipped kitchen. We offer the best equipment from some of the most-trusted commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers at the most competitive prices online.
Our selection of commercial kitchen supplies includes restaurant equipment from Frymaster, America's premiere manufacturer of commercial frying equipment. Rapids also carries dishwashers, slicers, and commercial mixers from Hobart, the leader in warewashing and food preparation equipment.
Commercial Cooking Equipment
Commercial Cooking Equipment
Fryers, Ranges, Ovens, Charbroilers, Cheesemelters, Microwaves, Outdoor Grills, Proofers, Rice Cookers, Smokehouses, Steam Equipment, Toasters, Waffle Makers, Warmers.
Commercial Mixer
Food Prep Equipment
Slicers, Food Processors, Hand Machines, Blenders, Grinders and Choppers, Mixers, Scales,Salad Spinners, Pizza Prep, Food Prep Accessories
Work Tables
Kitchen Work Tables & Prep Tables
Worktables from Advance Tabco, Eagle and John Boos. Choose edge, backsplash, grade of steel and more.
Equipment Stands
Equipment Stands & Shelves
Restaurant equipment stands and storage shelves.
Commercial Sinks
Commercial Sinks
Kitchen Sinks, Hand Sinks, Floor Sinks, Plumbing and Faucets.
Kitchen Shelving
Restaurant Shelving, Carts & Racks
Wall Shelves, Shelving Units, Carts, Racks
Commercial Dish Washing
Commercial Dishwashers
Under Counter, Door Type, Disposers, Dishtables, Racks, Caddies and Dollies
Kitchen Exhaust Systems
Kitchen Exhaust Systems
Commercial kitchen exhaust systems, hoods, fans, and more.
Gas Connectors
Connectors and Accessories
Gas Line Connectors and attachment parts for commercial cooking equipment
Caster Sets, Equipment Gliders, and Positioning Systems to keep your equipment in place
Frymaster / Dean
Frymaster Dean Fryers
Frymaster Cooking Equipment
Hobart Mixers, Hobart Dishwashers & Slicers
Hobart Cooking Equipment and Ware Washing

More on Kitchen Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Our commercial kitchen supplies include a wide variety of equipment, including cooking and holding equipment, food-prep equipment, work tables and equipment stands, sinks, shelving carts and racks, warewashing equipment, and exhaust systems.

Cooking and Holding Equipment

One of the most important restaurant kitchen supplies, cooking and holding equipment can include commercial fryers, commercial ovens and ranges, and commercial food-warming and food-holding supplies.

Commercial fryers are popular in fast-food restaurants for frying bestselling items such as fries, onion rings, fried chicken, and hash browns. And because these food items are some of the most popular menu items in fast-food chains and diners, fryers should be number one on your commercial kitchen equipment list.

Another piece of equipment to add on your restaurant kitchen equipment list is a commercial range/oven, which should be the main focus if you want to run a smooth commercial kitchen.

Lastly, commercial food-warming equipment and food-holding equipment should top off your list of kitchen commercial equipment. Food-warming equipment may include hot plates that are used to heat soups, broths, and sauces, as well as commercial microwaves that can cook or reheat foods quickly; food-holding equipment may include proofing and holding cabinets that are designed to produce perfectly risen dough by providing the ideal warm environment and to maintain the temperature of heated food in portable trays for banquets, dinners, and outdoor parties.

Shelving Carts and Racks

Restaurant shelving and transport might be the most overlooked aspect of running a commercial food-service establishment, but purchasing the right shelving and transport supplies is of the utmost importance. In fact, the correct industrial shelving is especially essential for businesses that do not have the luxury of a large storage space. With the proper equipment, you will be able to maximize limited storage space in your food-service establishment.

Exhaust Systems

If you want to ensure a smoke-free and grease-free working environment for your kitchen and food-service staff, you should put commercial exhaust systems in your commercial kitchen equipment list -  make sure to include commercial kitchen exhaust fans, commercial kitchen ventilation hoods, make-up air fans, and hood filters.

Commercial exhaust fans will work to ventilate your restaurant's kitchen, food preparation, and cooking areas. Make-up air fans, on the other hand, improve indoor air quality, help promote proper operation of exhaust systems, substantially lower energy costs, and help reduce draft or cold air inside your establishment. Hood filters and commercial kitchen ventilation hoods will round up your complete commercial kitchen exhaust system.

Food Preparation Equipment

Food preparation equipment are some of the most in-demand wholesale kitchen supplies. Food prep equipment may include meat slicers, food processors, meat grinders, commercial mixers, salad spinners, coleslaw cutters, and any other commercial kitchen supply used in food preparation.

Needless to say, food prep equipment should help your food-service and kitchen staff do their jobs easily and - more importantly - safely. This is why it's important to choose commercial grade kitchen equipment that specifically focuses on food preparation. In fact, food preparation equipment can be considered the lifeblood of a busy restaurant kitchen. Consider this: delis will always need quality meat grinders and slicers, just like a tavern or bar will always need a good-quality food processor and blender for fixing cocktails and mocktails.

Commercial Sinks

We pride ourselves on offering quality commercial sinks.

Commercial kitchen sinks are some of the most tricky restaurant kitchen equipment to purchase because the right commercial sink will have a big impact on how you run your commercial kitchen. For instance, in your kitchen, your staff will need to do washing, rinsing, and sanitizing of dishware, glassware, and cookware. And a good-quality commercial kitchen sink is your answer to all of this. Not only that, but a commercial kitchen sink should also be able to pass strict health codes and the regulations of your local health department.

Also, majority of our commercial sinks come in stainless steel because stainless steel is easier to clean and disinfect, which is a big plus if you want to pass inspections with flying colors and smoothly run an efficient restaurant kitchen.

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