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Hot Pads & Mitts

Choose from a wide variety of commercial oven mitts, kitchen oven mitts, and wholesale pot holders here at Rapids Wholesale, manuctured by two of the most-trusted brands in the food-service market today, Browne and San Jamar

Commercial Oven Mitts

A commercial oven mitt is a type of glove or mitten typically worn in a busy commercial or restaurant kitchen in order to protect the hand of the wearer—in this case, your food-service staff—from common hot objects that they need to handle such as stoves, ovens, cookware, etc.

Kitchen oven mitts typically consist of fabric that work well with heat insulation like cotton fabric. Nowadays, more modern commercial oven mitts are usually treated with silicone, which makes them water-resistant or stain-resistant. In this case, you may even opt for a full-fledged silicone oven glove, which may even work better. Other kitchen oven mitts are made of stronger synthetic materials such as, believe it or not, Kevlar or Nomex. Needless to say, these types of kitchen oven mitts are better at handling extremely hot surfaces compared to terry cloth oven mitts.

One should remember, however, that a commercial oven mitt or any other kitchen pot holder should only be used when dry for safety reasons. Also, it should only be used for short periods of time. In addition, you should remember that kitchen oven mitts are not designed to protect against hot or boiling liquids and that they should not come into any contact whatsoever with gas flames, heating elements, or other similar sources of high temperature.

However, if you want more protection than the usual commercial oven mitt, you might want to consider purchasing furnace gloves or furnace mitts. These types of mitts or gloves are more heavily insulated, are longer, and are more designed to protect the user from intense heat for longer periods.

A Closer Look at Kitchen Oven Mitts

As already mentioned, commercial oven mitts are used to protect the hand so your food-service staff can safely handle hot pots, pans, or other cookware. But before going out and purchasing a commercial oven mitt, are there things that you need to consider?

Remember that different models of kitchen oven mitts have different levels of temperature resistance, so you might want to think about how hot the surfaces you are going to handle are going to be. Also, the overall length of a commercial oven mitt should be an important consideration. A long oven mitt will cover most of the forearm and even up to the elbow, while relatively shorter oven mitts are going to cover the entire arm. But because some people have relatively larger hands than others, those people might want to consider made-to-order oven mitts if the regular-sized ones will not fit or if they have problems finding a commercial oven mitt that will fit them.

Also, remember that most kitchen oven mitts are designed to withstand the temperatures of a normal oven, which could reach up to 400 or 500 degrees. If your food-service staff cook with exceptionally high heat, though, you might require a mitt with a higher temperature resistance level compared to others. Some models of kitchen oven mitts are able to protect the hand from temperatures that reach up to 900 degrees. Better yet, if your restaurant serves barbercue and you use a barbecue pit that uses open flames to cook the meat, perhaps it would be bettero to purchase a flame-retardant commercial oven mitt.

Wholesale Oven Mitts and Wholesale Pot Holders Here at Rapids

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of commercial oven mitts, kitchen oven mitts, and wholesale pot holders manuctured by two of the most-trusted brands in the food-service market today, Browne and San Jamar

Our commercial oven mitts include duncan kitchen grips, which are made using exclusive FLXaPrene, a flexible and nonporous material commonly used in professional kitchens. You can also get a heavy-weight pan grabber with wrist strap that is machine washable, sold by the dozen

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