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Coupler Repair

Looking for coupler accessories for your beer-dispensing system? Here at Rapids Wholesale, we have a large selection of coupler accessories available like o rings, check valves, neoprene washers, snap rings, hinge pins, handle screws, C snap rings, ball retainer, and more.
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What Is a Keg Coupler?

A keg coupler is one of the most important components used to tap into a keg of beer. It is actually what “taps” into the beer keg to allow the pump to bring out the beer. Generally, there are various kinds of keg couplers used worldwide nowadays, and your choice of coupler actually depends on what you require for your bar, tavern, pub, or restaurant.

The American sankey keg is one of the most commonly used today. In fact, couplers used nowadays are commonly compatible with the sankey keg. In addition, the more common types of bar or tavern couplers are made of chrome although there are also some stainless-steel models. The way a coupler works is that you pull it and then you engage the pressure relief for the keg or the gas. Some couplers have an ergonomic design that helps to easily release pressure. To engage these types of couplers, one only needs to click the coupler in place. When disengaging, a quick lift is required. These types of couplers are easier to handle especially for bar staff who are not that strong. 

Troubleshooting Your Bar's Keg Coupler

A beer-dispensing system should always be maintained to ensure that it can be used without any issue. If your beer-dispensing system malfunctions, perhaps it is a good idea to check your coupler. You will know that you need to check your beer coupler if you already attached it and no beer comes out even when you lower the handle and pump.

First, make sure that the coupler handle has been lowered into a horizontal position. Next, take out the coupler's check valve. This valve is relatively small and is the only thing made of rubber in the coupler. Under the valve, you will find a small rubber ball, which floats up when the draft beer is pumped through the coupler. This ball then settles back down to stop back-flow after the beer has left the coupler. This entire setup is called a ball check  or a ball stop

It is a good idea to do an inspection to make sure that the ball has not jammed in the tapped hole of the keg or hose where beer is dispensed.

Coupler Repair and Accessories

Needless to say, it is important to make sure that your keg coupler is always in tip-top condition so there is continuous flow of beer for your customers in your bar. Aside from doing your own troubleshooting when a malfunction occurs, one way of ensuring smooth operation of your beer-dispensing system is stocking up on coupler accessories so it would be easy to make those quick repairs.

Here are just some of the coupler parts and accessories available here at Rapids Wholesale:

Check Valve – Check valves are installed in the inside of a beer coupler on the air/gas hose nipple.

O Rings – An o-ring is versatile and can be used for different types of couplers.

Neoprene Washers – A neoprene washer is mainly used with beer lines to connect to couplers, wall brackets, etc.

Other coupler accessories available here at Rapids Wholesale include hinge pins, handle screws, C snap rings, ball retainer, and more.

Our coupler accessories are manufactured by some of the most trusted names in the industry, like  American Beverage, Draught Tech, Perlick, Rapids, and Taprite, so you can be assured of their quality and dependability.

Keg Coupler Parts

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