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Rapids Wholesale proudly offers a wide variety of Perlick appliances, parts, etc. at wholesale prices for all your food service and beverage needs. The award-winning Perlick Corp. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin produces a wide selection of innovative, high-quality solutions for storing and serving beverages. This family owned company offers Perlick bar equipment geared toward commercial use and Perlick replacement parts for repairs.

Perlick Beer Towers

There are many things to consider when picking a Perlick beer tower—air or glycol cooled? In what finish? With how many taps? In what style? At what price point? Rapids Wholesale offers a number of options so that you can find the perfect Perlick tower for your needs and look.

If you’re in search of a tower with many faucets, check out the Perlick winged tower with 4 to 12 faucets. The Perlick 12 faucet system comes in either or stainless steel or brass finish, neither of which will tarnish thanks to a special chemical treatment. The stainless steel finish version comes with polished chrome Perlick faucets.

The Perlick brass towers and faucet system comes in either a pass through or a t-tower configuration, depending upon the number of faucets. The Perlick tee tower is available for versions with four to eight faucets; the pass through Perlick draft tower is an option for those with eight or more taps.

Another attractive Perlick beer dispenser tower featuring classy euro styling and several options in terms of finish and faucets is the Perlick roma tower. The Perlick draft beer tower is also easy to install.

The five to three faucet tower by Perlick comes in either a gold or chrome finish. You can also pick between black, blue, green or white Perlick faucet handles.

The Perlick panther tower is another one with a sleek European design that comes in either a gold or chrome finish that will not tarnish. This can be either a Perlick air-cooled tower or a glycol-cooled tower. You can choose between a Perlick four-tap tower or a three-tap tower.

Looking for an even bolder look? The layer of frost on the Perlick ice tower certainly makes a statement. The glycol-cooled beer tower by Perlick comes with either three or four faucets.

Those looking for a more affordable option might consider the air-cooled Perlick T Tower with three to five faucets. This brass 3 to 5 tap tower by Perlick features clean lines and a bright mirror finish that will not tarnish.

RapidsWholesale also offers smaller Perlick brass beer towers with single, dual or triple taps.

Perlick Taps and Faucet Accessories

Rapids Wholesale also offers a number of stylish, high-quality Perlick beer faucets. All Perlick beer taps are treated with a special chemical finish that prevents them from pitting or tarnishing and thus reduces the need for time-consuming, tedious polishing. A Perlick beer faucet also stands out as they do not allow draft beer to be exposed to the air, preventing mold and bacteria from growing.

Perlick faucets are made in U.S., so you can feel good about buying them.

The Perlick 525SSTF tarnish free beer faucet features a smooth bore spout and interior for reduced foaming. The Perlick tap is constructed of stainless steel that is coated in brass. The Perlick brass faucet has few interior parts, which translates to fewer problems and service calls.

The 630 SSTF forward sealing faucet is another Perlick brass tap with even more features. This Perlick wine and beer tap has a ball and floating front seal that prevents air exposure and keeps the handle from sticking. This also helps prevent mold and bacteria from developing. The Perlick 630 SS growler filler features a polished interior for a smooth flow.

Another popular Perlick tap faucet is the 650SS forward sealing flow control faucet in stainless steel. The Perlick flow control faucet is great for pouring samples, growlers, flights, as well as differing beers. The Perlick 650 SS flow control faucet also helps lower foam when pouring beer into a frosted glass.

Looking to control foam with a Perlick flow control faucet? Consider the 680 SS stainless steel Perlick creamer faucet. As the name implies, this Perlick beer tap allows you to control the amount of creamy head for each pour.

Those looking for a cheap Perlick faucet might consider the 630PC polished chrome forward sealing faucet or the Perlick 408X Polished Chrome Faucet with Brass Lever. The former has a more vertical spout angle for more thorough draining with each pour and easy cleaning. The latter comes with a brass lever handle and Teflon friction for smooth, easy operation.

Those looking for an affordable brass Perlick faucet might consider the Perlick 408XTF tarnish-free brass faucet with either a brass or stainless steel handle.

Perlick Beer FOBs

Another profit-saving beer dispensing tool that is a must-have is a foam on beer (FOB) detector. Rapids Wholesale offers several Perlick beer FOB detectors, including the FOB Foam on Beer Detector Control that is built to last for years in the toughest of environments or the highly affordable FOB 304.

Such products pay for themselves as they can reduce beer waste and increase profits by immediately stopping the flow of beer when a keg is empty, rather than filling with foam. This eliminates the need to refill lines and purge Perlick beer systems when tapping the next keg.

Perlick Parts and Beer System Accessories

Rapids Wholesale also offers a number of accessories, such as a 308-40B beer faucet tap lock with a key, brass drip trays of varying lengths or a faucet cleaning adapter.

Our selection also includes in-demand replacement parts, such as a Perlick low-profile coupler, a faucet shank or a coupler replacement handle.

You can also find a variety of tools for repairing any problems, such as the Perlick 6 in 1 combo wrench for beer tap faucet repair, keg coupler replacement parts or several types of Perlick faucet wrenches.

Perlick Refrigeration

“Efficiency describes our flat top bottle coolers. They provide up to 33% increase in insulating R value and a 12% reduction in heat gain. Compact compressor compartments offer more interior capacity than other flat top coolers,” Perlick explains.

Perlick refrigeration products have heavy, 2-inch thick insulation for strength and energy efficiency. And the stainless interior adds to the durability of such products. If you buy a Perlick bottle cooler, it will include a five-year compressor and one-year labor warranty.

In terms of exterior, you can order either a Perlick bar cooler in black vinyl or stainless steel.

Rapids Wholesale offers Perlick beverage coolers in widths of 24 inches, 48 inches, 72 inches and 96 inches, with bin counts numbering from two to seven, meaning you should have no trouble finding a Perlick cooler to fit your bar’s needs and space constraints.

Perlick Glass Chiller

Rapids Wholesale also offers a number of Perlick glass chillers for the ultimate customer experience. These Perlick mug chillers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the Perlick FR24 glass froster that is 24 inches wide to ones that are double that size at 48 inches. The larger sizes come with two shelves.

The Perlick glass chiller compressor has a factory set temp of +10 degrees Fahrenheit, which keeps one’s beer cold but will not lead to beer foaming or a buildup of ice. One can also adjust the temp down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit for most of these models if one is in need of a Perlick plate chiller for salads, for example. A manual defrost button reduces labor cost.

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