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Cigarette Receptacles

With a wide variety of cigarette receptacles available here at Rapids Wholesale, your customers and diners can avoid leaving their cigarette butts all over your bar, restaurant, or food-service establishment, especially along entryways and exits.

Cigarette Receptacles

A cigarette receptacle is a device or container that is used for proper disposal and extinguishing of cigarette waste, the most common of which include cigarette butts and ashes. It is actually a bigger version of a commercial ash tray. Other common names for cigarette receptacles are the following: smokers urn, butt receptacle, smoking receptacle, and smokers station.  

In restaurants, bars, and food-service establishments, specifically designed cigarette receptacles are commonly provided to customers and guests. Because most bars and restaurants nowadays already prohibit smoking indoors, an outdoor cigarette receptacle is commonly provided.

Needless to say, cigarette receptacles for use in restaurants, bars, and food-service establishments should be FM approved, so you can make sure that any accidental fires are safely contained within the cigarette receptacle.  Most cigarette receptacles, especially an outdoor cigarette receptacle, should also be rust-proof and weather-proof to withstand the extreme outdoor conditions.

Different Types of Cigarette Butt Receptacle

There are different types of cigarette receptacles available in the market today. One is the cigarette urn. A smoking urn is typically mounted on a pedestal and contains substances or extinguishing media such as gravel or sand wherein the smoker can snuff his or her cigarette butts into. This specific type of cigarette butt receptacle is also typically found in combination commercial ash tray/trash units, in which the smokers urn is situated at the top while the trash bin can be found below.

On the other hand, you can also get a wall mounted cigarette receptacle. A wall mounted cigarette receptacle can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and disposal methods. A wall mounted cigarette receptacle that has an all-metal construction that allows convenient and safe disposal of cigarette butts into a container with no other extinguishing media required. Another type of wall mounted cigarette receptacle uses a separate butt container specifically for clean-out purposes, while one-piece models simply require your staff or crew to dump out used cigarette butts.

Another type of cigarette receptacle is the freestanding variety. Freestanding cigarette receptacles are designed in a variety of configurations and constructed of different types of materials, which include molded plastic, polyethylene, fiberglass, and even metal. Generally, these types of cigarette receptacles do not require the use of any extinguishing media because they are designed specifically to be deprived of oxygen, which aids in quick extinguishing of lit cigarette butts.

Get Your Cigarette Receptacle Here at Rapids Wholesale

With our Rubbermaid cigarette urn, you can keep cigarette butts, ashes, and other types of waste safely contained and unaffected by the elements. This smokers urn has a removable hinged top for easy emptying and is made of powder coated and fire-safe galvanized steel. You can choose from different types of metal or stone panel finishing.

If you prefer, you can also get our Rubbermaid original smokers station, which can be used to easily snuff out cigarettes on a recessed extinguishing screen and then dropped into the receptacle. Mounting hardware is included, and a keyed cam lock prevents tampering.

With our Aladdin smokers station, you get a cigarette receptacle that’s weather-resistant and has a fire-safe steel construction. The top and base of our Aladdin smokers station are both connected with antitheft chain and is factory mutual approved fire safe and self-extinguishing.

You can also get a polyethylene cigarette receptacle that is built to withstand the outdoor elements and will not rust or corrode. A large four-gallon steel pail, which is already included, can be easily accessed for convenient emptying and cleaning.   

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