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Cold Beverage & Juice Dispensers

Serve the perfect cold juices, iced tea, sodas, and other beverages in your restaurant, café, cafeteria, or bar with Rapids Wholesale's cold beverage dispensers and cold drink machines. Our cold drink dispensers are manufactured by some of the most trusted brands in beverage-serving equipment: Cambro, Grindmaster, and Tablecraft.
  1. Cambro 10-1/2 Gal Thermal Bev Container


    10-1/2 Gallon, 16-1/4"W x 20-1/2"D x 25-3/4"H, 31 lbs

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  2. Cambro Condiment Holder - Specify Color


    Condiment Holder, Fits 2-3/4, 4-3/4, 5-1/4 Gallon, 5 lbs

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  3. Cambro Riser Stand for Beverage Containers


    Riser, Fits 2-3/4, 4-3/4, 5-1/4 Gallon, 4 lbs

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  4. Cambro Riser For 12 Gal Bev Container


    Riser, Fits 12 Gallon, 6 lbs

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  5. Replacement Plastic Beer Faucet - Black Plastic Beer Tap


    If you have lost or broken a beer faucet, this replacement keg faucet is fully functional and durable enough to withstand the wear that comes with keg use.

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Why a Cold Drink Dispenser Machine Is Crucial for Your Establishment

Every restaurant, cafeteria, café, or bar won't be complete without cold nonalcoholic drinks. That's why a cold beverage dispenser is indispensable for those establishments that serve cold drinks.  A cold drink dispenser not only helps keep your juices, iced tea, sodas, and other beverages cold, it also makes for easy serving for your customers and patrons.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a great selection of cold beverage dispensers.

How Does a Juice DIspenser Work?

How does a cold beverage dispenser work? Cold drink machines found in many restaurants, cafés,  bars, and other establishments that serve cold beverages have a fairly simple working process. Generally, the beverage—in this example, particularly, sodas and colas—in cold drink dispensers are not readily mixed. One needs to press the lever first, and this action results in a twofold response: first the carbonated water and syrup that flavors the drink is mixed, and then it is dispensed by the cold drink machine onto the customer's mug or glass. This means that most establishments keep the carbonated water and syrup separate before loading them into the cold beverage container before dispensing.

Mostly there is a separate bag for the flavoring syrup as well as a separate container for the carbonated water. However, some cold drinks dispensers, especially those that dispense juice, are just clear plastic containers where the drinks are already premixed. A clear stem runs up the middle of the cold juice dispenser, and then when the lever is pushed, a circulator then proceeds to pump the liquid or juice up to the top of the cold drink machine and is then channeled out to the spigot and then into the customer's mug or glass. 

Proper Cleaning of Cold Beverage Dispensers

To make sure that your cold drink dispenser machine is working properly and is always ready to pour out cold, refreshing drinks for your customers or patrons, you need to clean it properly. Proper cleaning of a cold beverage dispenser is of the essence for your restaurant or establishment. So what is the proper way of cleaning a cold drink machine?

First, make sure to get rid of any leftover drinks inside the cold beverage container and rinse it out with hot water. Next, if you are using a cold beverage dispenser with spigot, make sure pour out the hot water out of the container through the spigot. Then, fill the dispenser with one quart of hot water, one teaspoon of dish-washing soap, and two teaspoons of white vinegar. This concoction is effective to disinfect the inside of your cold drinks dispenser. Swish the concoction around the container, then drain the mixture through the spigot. You can then wipe the inside of the dispenser with a wet towel or dish cloth.  Lastly, rinse the cold beverage dispenser with more hot water, and then allow to air dry.

Cold Drink Machines Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

We at Rapids Wholesale have a wide variety of cold drink machines from some of the most trusted brands in beverage-serving equipment: Cambro, Grindmaster, and Tablecraft. Get the cold beverage dispenser most suited for your restaurant, café, or bar depending on what you require, depending on what you are serving to your customers. For instance, we have cold drink dispensers specifically designed to serve iced tea, and we also have cold juice dispensers. You can also choose if you want single beverage dispensers or dispensers that have multiple spigots for serving two, three, or even four different drinks at the same time. 

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