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Tray Stands

Looking for the perfect tray stands for your restaurant or food-service establishment? We at Rapids Wholesale give you a wide selection of restaurant tray stands made of wood or metal, depending on what you require. Our wooden tray stands and metal tray stands can compliment any restaurant décor.
  1. Black Plastic Folding Tray Stand for Restaurants


    30"H restaurant serving tray stand

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  2. Metal Tray Stand, Deluxe Steel


    Deluxe Metal, 31-1/4"H, 7 lbs

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  3. Wood Tray Stand, Walnut


    Walnut, Standard 30-1/2"H, 6 lbs

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  4. Chrome Tray Stand, 37" High


    Chrome Tray Stand, Extra Tall, 37"H, 6 lbs.

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  5. Wood Tray Stand, Cherry, 32" High


    Wood Tray Stand, Standard 32"H, 9 lbs

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  6. Wood Tray Stand, Cherry, 38" High


    Wood Tray Stand, Extra Tall, 38"H, 11 lbs.

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Tray Stands

Restaurant tray stands should be durable, sturdy, and look great to compliment your restaurant or food-service establishment’s décor. Serving tray stands actually play an important part in any restaurant or food-service establishment because they function as a third appendage for your wait staff. Server tray stands are particularly useful for food-service staff that need to handle big or overloaded serving trays.

Tray stands available in the market today come in a variety of materials, styles, and colors. The typical frames of a tray stand can come in metal, plastic, and wood. A metal tray stand is the most durable and heavy-duty, while a wood tray stand is widely considered as the most attractive and is the most preferred in upscale restaurants and food-service establishments. Tray stands made of plastic are relatively cheaper and is light weight.

What to Consider When Purchasing Restaurant Tray Stands 

Before going out to purchase a serving tray stand for your restaurant or food-service establishment, you might want to put into consideration the height of the stand. The most common height of tray stands usually vary from around thirty to thirty-eight inches high. A good idea is to consider the average height of your food-service crew, and then you can determine what height of tray stands they are most comfortable serving from. If the height of your food-service staff differs, you might want to select several heights of serving tray stands so that all of your food-service crew can find a serving tray stand that they can use comfortably.

Serving Tray Stands Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a vast selection of server tray stands that are specifically designed to efficiently serve your diners and customers while avoiding any untoward mishaps.

Whether you are looking for a stylish metal tray stand or wooden tray stand or a reliable and affordable plastic tray stand, we at Rapids Wholesale have the perfect restaurant tray stands just for you.

Our selection of server tray stands includes metal tray stands of deluxe steel as well as chrome tray stands. We also have durable wood tray stands with attractive walnut and cherry finish, depending on what you require for your food-service establishment. All our serving tray stands are designed to prevent tipping over, so you can have peace of mind. Rounded plastic feet won’t scuff, mar, or scratch floors.

All our metal and wooden tray stands can accentuate any restaurant décor and are stylish enough to add to your food-service establishment’s ambiance. Satisfy your most demanding customers with our wide variety of versatile and good-looking restaurant tray stands. 

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