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Hose & Nozzles

Get your commercial water hose and industrial hose nozzle here at Rapids Wholesale, ideal for use in any busy restaurant or food-service establishment. Our industrial water hose and commercial hose nozzle are heavy-duty and built for regular use.
  1. 50' Hot Water Hose, 5/8" Id


    5/8" Dia x 50'L Hose

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  2. Spray Bottle, 16 oz. graduated, plastic, round


    Spray Bottle, 16 oz. graduated, plastic, round, 28/400 neck finish.

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  3. Trigger Sprayer, Red/White for 16oz


    Spray-Pro™ Trigger Sprayer, 8-1/4" DT.

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Industrial Water Hose

An industrial water hose is a versatile piece of commercial janitorial equipment and can be used for a wide variety of tasks in and around your restaurant, food-service establishment, or kitchen. You can use a commercial water hose for washing restaurant or kitchen equipment that has stubborn stains, grime, or dirt, such as grills or griddles and even the underside of pots and pans.

One advantage of using an industrial water hose is that it can spray out water at a relatively high pressure compared to a normal faucet or tap, and this pressure can be used to get rid of grime, dirt, stains, and even oil or grease stuck to various restaurant equipment and potware. In other words, your commercial water hose can function as a heavy duty sprayer that is perfect for use during clean-up.

Needless to say, an industrial water hose is the commercial counterpart of an ordinary household hose used in and around the house, for use with gardening, for instance. Simply put, a hose is just a simple hollow tube that is designed to carry water from a source (the faucet) to another location.

A commercial water hose is typically designed based on a combination of two major factors, performance and application. The usual factors involve pressure rating, size, length, weight, and others. An industrial water hose is also made of a combination of many different materials, the most common of which include polyurethane, nylon, polyethylene, PVC, or natural and synthetic rubbers. A commercial water hose can also be made of a combination of these materials.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can get a heavy-duty industrial hot water hose made of rubber built to withstand hot water temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Industrial Hose Nozzle

An industrial water hose will not be complete without a heavy duty sprayer or industrial hose nozzle. A commercial hose nozzle is a durable, functional, and versatile piece of attachment to a commercial water hose that can be adjusted to control the burst of water, depending on the cleaning task or chore.

One big problem of an industrial hose nozzle that is not of heavy-duty construction is that it can break or leak over time. Some cheap nozzles that are not particularly well made may break easier than others, but eventually they will all end up in the garbage bin. Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can get a heavy duty sprayer that is guaranteed to withstand years and years of heavy use. It is great for use in tandem with our commercial water hose so you can control the burst of water coming out of the hose, depending on the demanding cleaning chore or task your staff needs to do.

Our commercial hose nozzle has carries a five-year warranty.  

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