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Food Vacuum Seal Machines

Looking for a commercial food vacuum sealer for your food-service business? Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can get the best food vacuum packaging machine from two of the best brands in the market today. Do you prefer a Vollrath vacuum sealer? Or how about a Berkel vacuum sealer? Or perhaps you are looking for vacuum seal food storage bags to use in tandem with our machines? We at Rapids give you one of the largest selections of vacuum sealers in the market today.

What Is a Commercial Food Vacuum Sealer?

A commercial food vacuum sealer is used in the packing of food stuffs. As its name suggests, a vacuum sealer for food helps vacuum-pack different types of food. Vacuum packaging is a type of packaging that removes air from the package before sealing. The absence of air, most especially oxygen, tends to extend the shelf life of foods as well as reduces the volume of the contents and the food package.

Needless to say, a professional vacuum sealer—when used in tandem with vacuum seal food bags or commercial vacuum seal bags—can help limit the growth of bacteria and fungi in packed foods because of the absence of atmospheric oxygen inside the package, and is therefore best used to pack dry foods over a long period and lengthen its shelf life. These foods may include cheese, cereals, cured meats, nuts, coffee, fish, and potato chips and crisps. In addition, in the case of those foods that are not supposed to be stored for a very long period, their shelf life can also be extended using a commercial vacuum sealer machine (because of the inhibition of bacterial growth). These types of food include fresh foods that include vegetables, meats, and even liquids.

A Closer Look at a Food Vacuum Packaging Machine and How It Works

If you are looking to vacuum seal delicate and fragile food items, an industrial food vacuum sealer is an excellent choice. However, there are different types of machines depending on how they seal the food.

An external restaurant vacuum sealer works by having vacuum seal food bags attached externally to the machine. The machine will then remove the air and seal the food bag, which is all done outside the machine, hence the name.

On the other hand, a professional vacuum sealer that uses a chamber requires the entire product to be placed inside the machine. However, food vacuum sealer bags are still used for packaging. Once the food is placed inside the machine, the lid is then closed and then the air is removed. Then, a heat seal inside the professional vacuum sealer will close the bag. After the bag is sealed, the chamber of the machine is then refilled with air via the automatic opening of a vent to the outside. Then, oncoming pressure squeezes all the remaining air inside the bag. The lid of the commercial food vacuum sealer is then opened and the sealed product inside the bag is taken out. This type of professional vacuum sealer is especially suited for high-volume packaging and is also used to vacuum seal liquids.

Advantages of Using a Commercial Vacuum Sealer Machine

A big advantage of using a commercial vacuum sealer machine is that it prevents freezer burn of foods that are not vacuum sealed. Freezer burn occurs when the food surface is dehydrated because of freezing. Needless to say, freezer burn not only ruins the texture and flavor of foods but also produces a dried and leathery appearance. An industrial food vacuum sealer helps prevent freezer burn because foods are not exposed to the cold, dry air.

In addition, vacuum-packaged food items also opens them up to additional cooking options, namely, poaching in a vacuum-sealed bag, also called sous-vide. This type of cooking method is common in French cuisine.

But perhaps the most important advantage of using a food storage vacuum sealer is that limits the growth of most types of bacteria, fungi, and other harmful pathogens, and therefore ensures food safety.

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