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Pitchers & Carafes

For all-purpose storing and serving of iced water, beverages, and wine to your customers, make sure to stock up on restaurant water pitchers, commercial carafe, and beverage decanters for your restaurant or food-service establishment.

Restaurant Water Pitchers, Commercial Carafe & Beverage Decanters

Water pitchers, a commercial carafe, and beverage decanters are some of the most common types of beverage servers in use at restaurants or food-service establishments.

Needless to say, you should have a decent supply of restaurant water pitchers, carafes, and beverage decanters in your food-service establishment, regardless of whatever style of restaurant you have. In fact, you should have any one of these at the ready in your restaurant counter or waitress station as well as in your kitchen. All three are versatile and can be used to serve anything from water to juice and soft drinks.

Water Pitchers

A restaurant pitcher can be used in a variety of ways and is not just limited for serving water or iced tea, for example. They can be used to refill big beverage dispensers, to scoop ice from an ice bin or ice chest, and even to fill chafers. Clear plastic pitchers are the most popular types of restaurant pitcher as it gives your staff the advantage of visibility, and your crew can readily serve customers with the drink contained in the pitchers. 

A word of advice: it is better if you get your food-service crew a restaurant pitcher that is light in weight and is convenient to carry, especially if your restaurant staff will need to refill customer glasses with ice water or bottomless iced tea, juices, soft drinks, carbonated drinks, and other beverages. For instance, you might want to choose dedicated water pitchers for serving iced water, and these pitchers are usually made of plastic or metal.

Get your wholesale pitchers here at Rapids Wholesale, and choose from clear plastic pitchers of different capacities, from thirty-two ounces to sixty ounces. All our clear plastic pitchers are great to use as dedicated water pitchers or as a versatile restaurant pitcher that can be filled with juice, iced tea, soft drinks, and other beverages.

Commercial Carafe

For those who are looking for space savers and consider a restaurant pitcher a bit bulky, a commercial carafe is the answer. A commercial carafe is an easy way to help serve customers without you having to worry about limited space because it is an excellent space saver.

While a commercial carafe has a lot of similarities to a restaurant pitcher, a big advantage of the former is that it brings a domestic, home-style feel that the latter cannot give. Aside from being great serving containers for the usual beverages like juice, iced tea, soft drinks, and even water, a commercial carafe can be used to store creamer or milk especially in diners that serve coffee.

Get a commercial carafe here at Rapids Wholesale, ideal for use in any restaurant or food-service establishment.

Beverage Decanters

While beverage decanters are typically used to serve wine to your customers, these types of containers can also be used to serve the more basic beverages. However, because these containers are built to be used to store and serve wine, it is no surprise that wholesale wine decanters are very popular nowadays.

What makes a decanter ideal for wine is its shape: oxygen can easily enter the decanter, therefore resulting in the aeration of wine. This then produces the sophisticated flavors that connoisseurs look for in their drink.  

Get your decanters wholesale here at Rapids, and choose from one-half or one-liter capacities.

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