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Commercial Cleaning Chemicals

With our commercial cleaning chemicals here at Rapids Wholesale, you are guaranteed of the cleanest food-service operation available. Our industrial cleaning chemicals can ensure the safety and good health of your customers by killing off any potentially harmful pathogens from your glassware, taps, floors, and commercial griddles.

Restaurant Cleaning Chemicals

Whether you like it or not, there are some commercial restaurant equipment that need to be cleaned using industrial cleaning chemicals because regular soap and water just won’t do. There are instances when commercial cleaning chemicals are needed to make sure that stubborn pathogens are killed off, in order to ensure the safety and good health of the end user or consumer—in this case, your customer.

Two important factors you need to consider is the cleanliness of your glassware in your restaurant as well as the cleanliness of your beer tap in your bar, pub, club, or tavern. Here at Rapids Wholesale, we give you a selection of commercial glass cleaner chemicals, a beer line cleaning kit, and other industrial cleaning chemicals, particularly industrial floor cleaning chemicals and even commercial grill cleaner chemicals.

Industrial Glass Cleaner Chemicals

It is important to stress the importance of clean glassware for your restaurant that is free of dirt and oil. But sometimes the trusty warm and soapy water is not enough to clean glasses and leave them sparkling clean. This is especially true of glasses that, after having been washed, still contain a film of oil that can leave any kind of drink or beverage unappetizing and mixed with an oily residue.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a selection of commercial glass cleaner chemicals and industrial glass cleaner tablets that are guaranteed to help prevent spotting, streaking, and filming of your restaurant glassware. With our concentrated industrial glass cleaner chemicals, you only need to use one-fourth ounce for an average wash tank; on the other hand, with our commercial glass cleaner tablets, you are only required to use one tablet per standard wash tank. Our industrial glass cleaner chemicals and tablets do not contain resins, binders, or lubricants.

BLC Beer Line Cleaner Chemicals

For those who are running a bar, club, pub, tavern, or any other place that serves draft beer or beer from the tap, it is important to always have a clean beer line or beer tap. In fact, cleaning of beer lines or beer taps should be scheduled regularly, preferably twice a month.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can get BLC beer line cleaner chemicals, perfect for use in tandem with a beer line cleaner kit, to make sure that your beer lines and taps are clean and free from build-ups and deposits of bacteria, yeast, minerals, protein, and carbohydrates. Our BLC beer line cleaner chemicals are also ideal for use in cleaning regular water taps, include a food safe rinse indicator, and prevents corrosion of metal parts.

Get Your Commercial Griddle Cleaner Here at Rapids Wholesale

Griddles are some of the most versatile pieces of cooking equipment used in commercial food-service establishments around the world. They are used to cook a variety of food items such as steaks, fish, eggs, chicken, and more. But in order to make sure that your griddle is working well and the food coming hot off the griddle tastes great, you need to keep your commercial griddle clean at all times.

You can clean your griddle at various periods: cleaning right after use, cleaning after each working day, and complete cleaning (usually after a period of one week or after seven to ten uses).

A quick clean after every use involves simply scraping the griddle clean with a griddle scraper each time the cooked food is transferred from the griddle onto a serving plate. Cleaning after each working day, however, involves washing the griddle with soap and water as well as scrubbing the griddle clean. On the other hand, complete cleaning of your griddle involves using a commercial griddle cleaner. A commercial griddle cleaner is a type of cleaning chemical that helps clean your griddle more thoroughly, a lot better than ordinary soap and water. A commercial griddle cleaner helps loosen and lift carbonized grease and food soil on contact. It is also safe for use on all food-contact food surfaces and does not give off strong odors and fumes.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can get your commercial griddle cleaner from 3M Scotch Brite, available in one-quart bottles and 3.2-ounce packets.   

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