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Door Type Dishwashers

Do you have a busy restaurant kitchen and are looking for the best restaurant dish machine available? How about a Jackson dish machine, specifically a Jackson Tempstar dishwasher? How about door commercial dishwasher units from Hobart?

What Is a Door Type Dishwasher?

A door type dishwasher is specifically designed to wash a single rack of dishes at a time, which is also called a pass-through operation. A door commercial dishwasher also usually features lift-up doors that are counterbalanced; this means that the doors are opened at the same time so that slide racks can be slid in and out at the opposite end.

What should you consider before purchasing a door type dishwasher? A couple of important considerations to think about before forking over your money in purchasing a door commercial dishwasher is interior clearance and rinse temperature.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing a Door Commercial Dishwasher

Door type dishwasher units are actually available pre-configured for straight-through operation. Some door commercial dishwasher units are re-configurable to go in the corner. This means that the door and handle positions are switched in order for racks to be able to pass through the unit's front and one of its sides.

Interior clearance is one important consideration to put in mind when purchasing industrial dishwashers, especially door type dishwasher units. What is interior clearance? It indicates the height of the commercial dish machine's opening. Remember that for a restaurant dish machine, a door commercial dishwasher, for instance, to have an excellent return on investment, it should be able to accommodate and wash the tallest kitchen item. This is why it is important to consider interior clearance when purchasing a commercial dish washing machine, particularly a door type dishwasher.  To put it simply, the taller the interior clearance opening of your door commercial dishwasher, the taller the kitchen wares that can be washed in the unit, and the more return on investment you will get.

Rinse temperature is also one important consideration when purchasing a restaurant door dishwasher. Commercial dish washing machine units utilize a couple of different ways to sanitize dishes in the last rinse phase. Restaurant dish machine units that are considered high temperature typically use water between the temperatures of 180 and 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Machines that are considered low temperature, on the other hand, generally use chemical additives. It is important to remember that oil and grease cannot be removed after one wash in low-temp units. However, a hot-temp commercial dish washing machine can easily melt oil and grease residues.

Industrial Dishwashers for Sale (Door Type Dishwasher Units)

Looking for a Jackson dish machine, specifically a Jackson Tempstar dishwasher? How about door commercial dishwasher units from Hobart?

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide selection of industrial dishwashers for sale, including door type dishwasher units from two reputable brands, Hobart and Jackson

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