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Bar Accessories & Smallwares

When you think of a bar, you think of drinks and beverages. But a bar is not a bar without the bar accessories, smallware and other equipment: bottle openers, the condiment dispensers, cutlery, as well as seemingly unimportant but really essential tools for your bar. We at Rapids have bar and restaurant smallwares for you to create your perfect bar setup. Bar Smallwares
  1. Round Toothpicks | 800/Case


    Round Toothpicks | 800/Case

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  2. Spill Stop 7" Bar Sink Drain Funnel Strainer with Screen


    Funnel w/Medium Screen, 1.5 quart capacity.

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  3. Wood Bar Caddy Napkin & Accessory Holder


    Hazelwood, 5-3/4"W x 8-1/2"D x 4"H, 3 lbs

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  4. Stainless Steel 4-Compartment Condiment Holder (1 Pint Trays)


    Condiment Holder with (4) 1 Pint Trays, 3 lbs

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  5. Napkin & Straw Holder / Organizer for Bar Drain Rail


    Black, 5-3/4"W x 8-1/2"D x 4"H, 3 lbs

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  6. 6" X 10" Cutting Board


    Cutting Board only

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The Ideal Zester and Peeler

Garnish your cocktails with a twist of lemon zest, and make an impression on your customers. Here at Rapids, you can choose from a wide range of bar cutting boards and lemon zesters and peelers.

Zest, a food ingredient scraped using citrus zester or peeler, comes from the outer, colorful skin of citrus fruits and is added to food or drinks, particularly cocktails, to give it that extra zing.

Make any cocktail stylish and classy by adding zest, which you can easily scrape out with the help of our citrus zester. We also offer a cutting board and a bar cutting set with two paring knives, one utility knife, and one 6" x 12" cutting board thrown in.

Condiment Dispensers, Cocktail Stirrers, and Napkin Holders

A bar is not complete without condiment dispensers, garnish centers, and napkin holders.

A condiment dispenser can help organize all your condiments and garnishes. With this in mind, we have provided you with an excellent variety of condiment dispensers to choose frim, manufactured by Carlisle, San Jamar, and Tablecraft.

A drink stirrer is used to stir drinks served in glasses. Cocktail stirrers are commonly used with mocktails and cocktails and are available in various styles and colors. Plastic drink stirrers come in a pack of five thousand pieces for $46.99.

A napkin holder is used to hold or store napkins. We offer hazelwood wooden napkin holders that are great for organizing drink accessories like straws, swizzle sticks, and even napkins.

Cocktail Shakers, Bottle Openers, and Other Bar Tools

Cocktail shakers are used to mix alcoholic beverages. All three-piece cocktail shakers available hare at Rapids are made of durable stainless steel and come in 10-ounce, 12-ounce, 16-ounce, 24-ounce, and 28-ounce sizes.

A bottle opener is a tool that helps remove metal bottle caps from drink bottles. Choose from all kinds of bottle openers, from wall-mounted bottle openers to speed bottle openers

Aside from bottle openers, corkscrews, and cocktail shakers, we also have tools for serving and preparing liquor such as wood muddlers, lemon/lime squeezers, ice tongs, ice scoops, cocktail strainers, bar spoons, funnel sets, margarita glass rimmers, and jiggers.

Restaurant Ashtrays

You can complete your bar's setup with any of our glass or plastic ashtrays. Choose from glass ashtrays and plastic ashtrays by the dozen. Supplied by Libbey Glass, our ashtrays are guaranteed to be durable and stylish. Get a dozen ashtrays for as low as $11.99.

Bar Mats

Bar mats  are effective in protecting your bar's counter top and in soaking up spilled drinks. Rubber bar mats are ideal matting to soak up beverage and beer spills to help keep your bar clean and fresh. Choose from a large selection of bar spill mats available here at Rapids.

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