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Hot Food Merchandisers & Display Cases

Get your hot food display cases and pizza display cases here at Rapids Wholesale, manufactured by reputable brands APW/Wyott, Hatco, Nemco, and Rapids.
  • Heated Merchandising Cabinet
  • Nemco Heated Snack Merchandiser
  • Countertop Commercial Heated Food Merchandiser Display Case 36" Compact Footprint. Vollrath 40734
  • Benchmark 51018 Countertop Humidified Hot Food Display Case Merchandiser
  • Benchmark 51012 Countertop Humidified Hot Food Display Case Merchandiser
  • Hatco Mini Display Warmer 120v
  • 3 Tier Heated Pizza Display Warmer Case
  • 4 Shelf Heated Food Display Case Merchandiser

    Regular Price: $665.00

    Special Price: $633.49

  • Square Sandwich & Burrito Warmer, 2 Rack

    Regular Price: $513.00

    Special Price: $493.79

  • Apw / Wyott Heated Display Cabinet
  • Square Pizza Warmer, 4 Shelves
  • 4 Tier Pizza Merchandiser with Humidified Heat and Rotating Shelves - Model 695D

    Regular Price: $1,045.00

    Special Price: $996.59

  • Pizza Warmer Display Merchandiser 2 Heated Shelves
  • Countertop Commercial Heated Food Merchandiser Display Case 48" Compact Footprint. Vollrath 40735

What Is a Hot Food Display Case?

A hot food merchandiser or hot food display case helps keep food warm and moist because of controlled humidity in the merchandiser. This is important because dry heat can make food dried out and unappealing, especially those foods that need to be displayed all day long. So how does a hot food display warmer work? Most hot food display cases utilize a water pan and a separate humidity control dial installed in order to maintain and regulate the humidity in the cabinet. The water pan, needless to say, should be filled and refilled as the need dictates in order to keep the humidity in the hot food display case controlled, thereby keeping the food inside the cabinet warm and fresh and appealing to the customers.

So what are the important factors to consider before purchasing a hot food display warmer? One of the most essential things to look at are the overall size or dimension of the hot food display case as well as the number of shelves available in the case. The exterior dimensions and number of shelves are also important specifications to consider. The overall size of the hot food merchandiser should determine how much space in the countertop you should allocate for the unit. On the other hand, the number of shelves will help you determine how much food you can showcase in your hot food display warmer. Typically, there are a number of separate shelf slides available for hot food display cases, and majority of these shelves can be set at a particular angle to help increase your product’s visibility to customers.

What Is a Pizza Warmer Display Case?

A pizza display warmer is typically a display case that is used to display pizzas especially in various food-service establishments, while keeping the pizza warm and fresh.

So how do you choose the ideal pizza display case for your food-service establishment? Several essential factors to consider when going out and choosing a pizza display are the following: the style of the unit, the overall width and size, and a controlled-humidity feature.

For example, the size of the commercial pizza warmer will determine how much space you should allocate in the countertop of your shop. Also, how you serve your customers is another important factor to consider. For instance, you need to determine first whether you want to get a pizza warmer display that can be loaded at the back of the unit or one that can be loaded at both the front and back. Those pizza display cases that can be loaded only at the back are designed for establishments that want their food-service staff or crew to serve customers. On the other hand, those pizza display cases that can be loaded both in the back and in the front are designed to be self-service pizza display cases, which allow diners to grab the pizza and serve themselves while staff stocks up the display case with more pizza at the back.

There are also pizza display cases that help produce either dry heat or a small amount of humidity to the air inside the case. This is essential because pizza display cases that feature controlled humidity tend to have a longer shelf life.

Hot Food Display Cases and Pizza Display Cases at Rapids

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of hot food display cases and pizza display cases from trusted brands APW/Wyott, Hatco, Nemco, and Rapids.

You can choose from four types of pizza display cases as well as six types of hot food display cases from our selection. You can also select from pizza display cases with two, three, and four racks, depending on what you prefer or what you require for your food-service establishment.

If you are looking for a heated display cabinet, you can choose from standard units with two levels, or a heated food cabinet with a rotating display that includes four racks.

With our food display cabinet, you can showcase your food in adjustable shelves for maximum visibility. A tempered glass lid and incandescent light is also included in any of our heated display cabinet units.

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