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Complete your bar's setup with any of our glass or plastic ashtrays. Our plastic and glass tabletop ashtrays are available by the dozen here at Rapids Wholesale. Get a dozen ashtrays for as low as $11.99.
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A Look at Glass & Plastic Ashtrays

A cigarette ashtray is a cigarette butt receptacle. It can also be used to dispose of ashes coming from cigars and pipes, thus the manufacture of pipe ashtrays. Ashtrays are usually made of fireproof material such as pottery, metal, or rock. Glass ashtrays, crystal ashtrays, or plastic ashtrays are also common, but the plastic used in making the ashtray should be fireproof.

The most common design of ashtrays is usually a shallow cylinder with a flat base that is specifically designed to be placed on a table or a bar counter. Other ashtrays—an outdoor ashtray, for instance—especially those found in public places, are mounted on the wall, and are usually bigger than standard tabletop or indoor ashtrays due to the volume of ash they receive on a daily basis. Most ashtrays have notches etched at the rim to hold cigarettes or cigars. In Spain, some ashtrays have a couple of interlocking parts, the bottom of which is full of water. Ashtrays can also be found already built-in into cars and dustbins and provided in toilets and other public places.

Bar Ashtrays as Advertising

Throughout the years, ashtrays have been an increasingly popular advertising medium. In fact, some ashtray collectors look for those that are adorned with witty and rare ads and those that have varying colors, shapes, and sizes. During the 1950s and 1960s, small ashtrays, usually personal, were an indispensable part of a table setting and were commonly placed on the top right-hand side of a table, behind the wine and water glasses.

The Decline of Restaurant Ashtrays

In recent years, ashtrays have become increasingly rare in public places. This is because of the proliferation of smoking bans. Additionally, a lot of vehicle manufacturers no longer include ashtrays as standard equipment in the interior of the vehicles. Instead, these vehicle manufacturers offer ashtrays and even lighter plugs as optional accessories, commonly dealer-installed. To serve the somewhat niche market of declining smoker drivers, ashtrays that are designed to fit into an automobile's cup holders have been made available in the market.

Cigarette Ashtrays & Bulk Ashtrays at Rapids Wholesale

Regardless of the proliferation of smoking bans and the apparent decline in outdoor ashtrays, there are places where the presence of these cigarette butt receptacles should be ubiquitous are bars, pubs, or taverns and some restaurants or cafés where smoking is still allowed. For some customers who choose to unwind in a bar over some drinks, alcoholic beverages and liquor, after all, still go together well.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, we offer glass ashtrays and plastic ashtrays by the dozen. Our glass ashtrays are supplied by Libbey Glass, one of the most-trusted glassware brands since 1818. Get a dozen ashtrays for as low as $11.99, and complete your bar's setup.

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