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Floor Cleaning (Mops & Brooms)

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of industrial floor cleaning products ranging from janitorial mops to commercial mop buckets, manufactured by trusted brands Carlisle, Continental Mfg, Eagle, Panasonic, Rapids, and T&S.

  1. Eagle 3-position Mop Holder


    3 Position Mop Holder

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  2. Carlisle 35 Qt Commercial Mop Bucket with Squeeze Ringer


    Mop Bucket Combo, 35 qt., with side press wringer, non-marking casters, corrosion resistant, polyethylene, yellow.

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  3. Wet Floor Sign Cone


    Wet Floor Tri-Cone, 27"H

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  4. Save 19% Now!
    Lobby Broom Angled Floor Sweeper with Long 60" Handle

    Lobby Broom Angled Floor Sweeper with Long 60" Handle

    Regular Price: $7.29

    Special Price: $5.89

    Angled Broom, 60"

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  5. Carlisle Mop Base, 60" Handle Length


    Quick-Change Mop Handle, 60" long, 1-1/8" dia., plastic head, wood handle

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  6. Eagle Mop Sink

    Eagle Mop Sink


    Sink, 21-1/2"W x 24-5/8"D x 15"H

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  7. Carlisle Mop Wringer Only


    Wringer Only, 11 lbs

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Commercial Floor Cleaning

Commercial floor cleaning is important for food-service establishments and restaurants. In these types of businesses, clean and sparkling floors that are free of dust, trash, and grime are essential not only to avoid putting off your potential customers and diners but also—and perhaps more importantly—to pass the health and safety codes of your local health and sanitary department.

And keeping the floors of your restaurant or food-service establishment is a relatively easy task. Two of the most ubiquitous industrial floor cleaning products includes the humble commercial mop and the lowly industrial broom. These two types of industrial floor cleaning accessories are perhaps some of the most underappreciated industrial floor cleaning products, but they are also some of the most effective.

A Look at the Industrial Mop

Simply speaking, commercial mops are the industrial counterparts of household mops. As with domestic mops, commercial mops are just a mass or bundle of coarse strings of yarn or piece of cloth, or any other absorbent material (commercial mop heads) that are attached to a simple poles or sticks (mop handles)

Basically, there are two types of industrial mop heads: the classic yarn mop for wet use and the dry mop or dust mop. Commercial mop heads made of yarn are designed to be soaked in a commercial mop bucket filled with water or cleaning solution. (As an aside, you can get an industrial mop bucket with wringer, which will make the jobs of your cleaning staff and crew a lot easier. The wringer helps your cleaning staff wring out or strain excess water from the mop, to control the amount of cleaning solution that is transferred to the floor.)

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide variety of industrial mop heads, ranging from dry use to wet use. Our dry commercial mop heads help protect your restaurant floors and finishes from abrasive dust and dirt particles. Our dust mops feature soft and open-twist-blend yarn.

On the other hand, if you are looking for industrial mop heads built for wet use, you can choose from disposable or washable. Our washable industrial mop heads feature a white antimicrobial blend of yarn that won’t tangle or unravel.  

A Look at the Commercial Broom

If you are looking for an industrial broom, you can choose from a wide array here at Rapids Wholesale. A commercial broom is specifically designed to keep your kitchen or restaurant floor free from trash, dust, and debris.

Select from a commercial push broom that features polypropylene bristles or an industrial broom with blended fibers for quick clean-up anywhere.

It is important to note that polypropylene bristles have a relatively long life span as they are extremely acid and solvent resistant. An industrial broom that uses polypropylene bristles is typically ideal for use in high-moisture environments because the bristles are not water absorbent.

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