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Janitorial & Facility

Get complete commercial janitorial supplies and commercial facility maintenance equipment here at Rapids Wholesale, ideal for any restaurant or food-service establishment. Janitorial and Facility
bussing Waste Cleaning
Bussing Waste Cleaning
Bus Carts, Bus Boxes, Silverware Caddies Indoor and outdoor Trash receptacles, Floor Troughs, Floor Sinks, Grease Interceptors Cleaning Supplies and Chemicals, Floor Cleaning, Pails and Buckets, Hose and Nozzles
Safety and Health Guest Services Cash Handling and Security
Safety & Health Guest Services Cash Handling & Security
Fire Extinguishers, Saftey and Security, Floor Matting, Insect Control, Signs, Step Stools Hat and Coat Racks, Public Guidance, Washroom Supplies, Cigarette Receptacles, Menu Boards, Decorative Signage Safes and Cash Register Systems
Employee Air Handling  
Employee Air Handling  
For Employees: Lockers and Time Clocks Air Cleaners, Wall Fans, Air Doors  

Commercial Janitorial Supplies

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a complete selection of janitorial supplies that will make your food-service crew or cleaning staff’s jobs easier. We offer not only commercial cleaning supplies but also facility maintenance supplies like bussing equipment, waste-disposal units, safety and health equipment and supplies, guest-services equipment, cash handling and security, employee lockers and time clocks, and air-handling equipment.

You can choose from a wide variety of trusted brands and reputable manufacturers: Fire King, Casio, Cactus Mat, Paraclipse, Browne, Carlisle, Chef Master, Continental Mfg, Nemco, Cambro, Vollrath, and more.      

One of the Most Important Janitorial Cleaning Supplies: Bussing Equipment

A complete line of bussing equipment includes bus boxes, carts, organizers, and other accessories. Needless to say, with all-important janitor cleaning supplies like bussing equipment, you can make sure that your food-service staff or crew’s cleaning tasks are easier.

And this is saying a lot considering that cleaning up a restaurant, especially clearing tables, is not one of the easiest jobs in a restaurant. In fact, clearing tables can be considered one of the messiest jobs in a food-service establishment. But the fact is, someone has got to do it, so why not help your cleaning crew do their tasks easier with a bussing cart and bussing tub? Bussing carts and bussing tubs are two of the most essential industrial cleaning supplies needed to guarantee a clean and sparkling table for your next customer or diner.

Ensure a Clean Restaurant with Quality Janitor Cleaning Supplies: Trash Cans

It goes without saying that restaurants and other food-service establishments as well as similar businesses produce a lot of waste and garbage. And it is very important to keep these establishments clean and garbage-free for the benefit of customers and guests. And what better way to get rid of waste with quality commercial cleaning supplies like commercial trash cans and garbage receptacles?

Of course, waste is also not just limited to solid waste: in a restaurant or food-service environment, you also have stubborn oil and grease to contend with. In fact, it is imperative that you get rid of oil and grease properly in order to make sure that you are not contaminating your local area’s water source. And this can be achieved by using two of the most effective commercial cleaning supplies  that can get rid of oil and grease: grease and oil interceptors.

Ensure Restaurant Safety with Commercial Facility Maintenance Equipment

It goes without saying that your primary concern should be the safety of both your food-service staff and your customers. Making sure that your customers have an enjoyable stay and ensuring that your employees have a great working environment should go hand in hand with providing them a safe place to be in. Needless to say, you should make sure that both your customers and food-service staff are safe at all times inside your restaurant or food-service establishment.

It is understood that restaurant health and safety for both your customers and food-service crew can only be guaranteed if proper safety guidelines are in place. But in order to guarantee this, you must also invest in the proper commercial facility maintenance equipment focusing on safety.

Commercial facility maintenance equipment and supplies specifically designed for safety include the following: commercial fire extinguishers, commercial mats, restaurant pest control, restaurant signs, hand trucks, and more.

Other Facility Maintenance Supplies

Other facility maintenance supplies needed for your restaurant or food-service establishment include cash handling and security equipment like cash registers and safes; air-handling systems like industrial air filters/cleaners, air doors, wall exhaust fans, and restaurant exhaust fans, as well as employee lockers and time clocks.

Needless to say, janitorial supplies and facility maintenance supplies are some of the most important pieces of equipment for your restaurant or food-service establishment. And for good reason: cleanliness and safety should be both a primary concern for you, and not just profits. In the end, a clean restaurant, happy staff, and safe and secure customers and diners are what matters more than the income that you will earn. 

It pays to learn as much as you can about managing a safe and clean restaurant or food-service establishment that is run by happy employees. Good quality janitorial supplies and facility maintenance supplies are the keys to achieving this. Always remember, though, that you shouldn’t skimp on the commercial facility maintenance equipment and commercial janitor supplies. Here at Rapids, we can help provide you with the dependable wholesale janitorial supplies and facility maintenance supplies for a successful food-service business.

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