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Commercial Charbroilers

If you are searching for quality commercial charbroilers perfect for your food-service business, you've come to the right place. Because here at Rapids, we are giving you a wide variety of charbroil commercial grills (both lava rock charbroiler units and radiant charbroiler units) depending on your preferences.
  1. APW / Wyott 18" Charrock Broiler, Gas


    18"W x 25"D x 15-1/2"H, 60,000 BTU, 126 lbs

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  2. Star 24" Radiant Gas Countertop Charbroiler for Commercial Kitchen


    24"W x 25-3/4"D x 15-1/2"H, 80,000 BTU, 155 lbs

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  3. Star Mfg 36" Radiant Gas Charbroiler


    36"W x 25-3/4"D x 15-1/2"H, 120,000 BTU, 240 lbs

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  4. Star Mfg 48" Radiant Gas Charbroiler


    48"W x 29"D x 15-1/2"H, 160,000 BTU, 325 lbs

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  5. Eagle 36" Radiant Charbroiler


    36"W x 24-1/2"D x 18"H, 120,000 BTU, 245 lbs

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  6. Commercial 24" Charbroiler Vollrath 407302


    Commercial 24" Charbroiler Radiant or Lava Rock Vollrath 407302

    80,00 BTU, 24"W x 27"D x 16"H, 160 lbs

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  7. Eagle 24" Lava Rock Gas Charbroiler


    24"W x 24-1/2"D x 17"H, 64,000 BTU, 178 lbs

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  8. Eagle 36" Lava Rock Gas Charbroiler


    36"W x 24-1/2"D x 17"H, 96,000 BTU, 245 lbs

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  9. Eagle 48" Lava Rock Gas Charbroiler


    48"W x 24-1/2"D x 17"H, 128,000 BTU, 309 lbs

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  10. Eagle Radiant Charbroiler, 24"


    24'W x 24-1/2"D x 18"H, 80,000 BTU, 178 lbs

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What Is a Commercial Charbroiler?

A commercial charbroiler is an appliance that is frequently used by restaurants that serve grilled food to customers and patrons. Diners and fast food restaurants are the usual food establishments that utilize a commercial char broiler in their kitchens.  A commercial charbroil unit is ideal for grilling chicken, hamburgers, fish, steaks, kebabs, and the like.

There are various kinds of restaurant broilers, depending on what is required of them. For example, a restaurant broiler can generally be found in restaurant kitchens, while a mobile commercial charbroiler is usually utilized in small kiosks serving food on the street or outside sports stadiums and even in outdoor picnics, in the beach, or in the backyard for a quick barbecue.

The Difference Between a Radiant Charbroiler and a Lava Rock Charbroiler

What is the difference between a radiant broiler and a lava rock charbroiler? The main difference is in the heat transfer to the food.  On a radiant charbroiler, the burner is found under a cast metal radiant from which the heat is radiated toward the food being grilled.  The radiant is usually pitched like a roof that allows excess juice to run off and not carbonize. However, some of the juice or drippings from the meat is actually burned, which gives off that distinctly grilled aroma of food. 

A lava rock charbroiler, on the other hand, uses a bed of lava rock placed above the burners in order to to catch and radiate the heat toward the food that is being grilled above.  The porous lava rock catches and holds the drippings which, when heated, gives off the aroma associated with grilled meat. Both a lava rock charbroiler and a radiant broiler are equally effective especially when used by an experienced cook.

Commercial Charbroilers Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide selection of commercial charbroilers perfect for use in fast-food restaurants, delis, diners, and other food-service establishments. Choose from a variety of radiant charbroiler units and lava rock charbroiler units, depending on the requirements of your food-service establishment.

Get Vulcan charbroilers/wolf charbroilers, star broiler units, and commercial charbroiler units from Eagle, and APW/Wyott.

Need Help in Looking for the Ideal Restaurant Broilers?

Many of our expert Sales Representatives have years of experience in the food-service and beverage-service industries before coming to join us. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here in our website, at one of our convenient locations, or even in our frequently mailed catalogs, please feel free to contact us, and one of our knowledgeable Rapids Wholesale Sales Representatives will immediately assist you in locating the products that you need.

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